13 Best AdSense Alternatives For Small Websites 2021

Normally, we only look for AdSense alternatives for small websites or low traffic blogs when we don’t get approval from Google AdSense. There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the best ad network in the world nowadays.


But to join this network, you have to accept all the terms and conditions. There are many who cannot follow these rules. However, it must be acknowledged that Google alone provides the highest CPCs to their publishers.

Today I will share the best 13 ad networks. From where you can easily get approval and make money around $1000/month via website. But here I will also recommend you read all the terms and conditions before applying to each ad network.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read the disclosure for more information.


AdSense Alternatives For Small Websites

Here are a few of the ad networks, I and my friends have tested. And so I will undoubtedly highlight good networks for you.


media.net ad network

There are many websites almost 500000+ all over the world connected to this Media.net ad network. However, getting approval on this network is a relatively difficult task.

Because to be an ad publisher for it, your website needs to be USA, UK, or Canada based too. As their terms, their current publishers are 90% from the USA, 1% from the UK, Canada, and only 5% from the rest of the world.

So you understand what you need to do to get approval from them. This ad network is powered by Yahoo, Bing company.

  • Ad Types: Contextual Ads, Mobile Ads, In-Content Ads, Display Ads, and Interstitial Ads
  • Payment Methods: Payoneer & Wire Transfer, at least $100

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Amazon Native Ads

amazon native ads

This is completely different than all other platforms. The ads on this network are providing by Amazon, the biggest online e-Commerce company itself. If your website is fully USA based, be sure that make more money through this ad network than AdSense.

Because by clicking on the Amazon native ad on your site when a visitor enters Amazon’s site and does purchase something, then you will get a commission on it. It can be anywhere from 5% to 8% rate. The commission rate basically depends on the product price.

It is the best AdSense alternative for bloggers nowadays.

  • Ad Types: Recommendation Ads, Search Ads, and Custom Ads
  • Payment Methods: Payoneer & Check, at least $100

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infolinks ad network

Most publishers like this Infolinks ad network, because it is relatively easy to approve. Once approved, you will only place the ad code on your Blogger or WordPress site.

Then it will automatically start showing visitors as anchor ads in your post.

There are also more types of ad units, which will show depending on the categories of your site. Nowadays, this ad network very much popular for High-performing, Real-time and smart ads.

And they have been continuing their business since 2007.

  • Ad Types: InFold, InText, InTag, InFrame and InScreen
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts), at least $50 & at least $100 for Bank Wire

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properllerads ad network

The most striking feature of this network is that you will get approval as soon as you apply. After getting approval, your job will be to simply place the PropellerAds code in the header tag.

It will automatically start displaying ads on your site. It basically pays for ad impressions, as does the Media.net network. If your site is based in America or Europe or is a very valuable site, you can earn good money at the end of the month.

Personally, I love to use this AdSense alternative for myself.

  • Ad Types: Push Notifications, Onclick Ads (Popunder), Native Banners, Interstitials Ads, Smart Links
  • Payment Methods: At least $20 for Payoneer, at least $100 for Paypal, at least $500 for Wire Transfer, Skrill, and Webmoney Z

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revenuehits ad network

They are currently conducting their business with 20000 publishers around the world. Their dashboard is very nice and easy. Because of this you can easily create an ad unit and publish it on your website.

They will send you a daily mail on how to generate more income. RevenueHits will pay you based on statistics, including impressions, clicks, eCPM, etc of a single visitor.

You can sign up very easily, and you can do your ad show in all browsers with the latest technology tool. As a result, your income will increase by a few folds.

  • Ad Types: Display Banners, Pop Ads, Button Ads, Interstitial, Shadow Box, Slider, Dialog
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, at least $20 & at least $500 for Wire Transfer

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popads ad network

Among Pop Under and Pop Up ads, the PopAds ad network has gained huge popularity among publishers. Getting approval is easier than other platforms. But in the case of obtaining approval, you need to select the correct category of your website at the time of application.

They pay $4 for every 1000 USA based traffic. You can place the highest or minimum number of ads on any page if you like. The most remarkable feature is that you can set a minimum bid from your dashboard to increase your income high.

  • Ad Types: Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, AlertPay, at least $5 & at least $500 for Wire Transfer

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shareasale affiliate network

At present, affiliate marketing is more popular than ad networks. And the ShareASale is basically an affiliate network. From ShareASale, you can promote different types of digital products on your site.

Such as you write reviews about different types of books on your site. In this case, you can promote any merchant e-book from this affiliate network. When a visitor will purchase a book through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

  • Ad Types: Popup, Banner, Texts, Images and many more
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit or Payoneer, at least $50

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viglink affiliate network

It is another and best affiliate network. After getting approval from this network, it will automatically add an affiliate link to the normal external link of your blog post.

For example, if you write a post about the iPhone on your blog and place an external link on the iPhone text, this network will automatically attach the affiliate link to the external link.

After that, if someone purchases the iPhone device through your affiliate link, then you will get a commission.

  • Ad Types: Don’t have, it provides affiliate link for the only hyperlink
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, at least $10

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revcontent ad network

If your website has much amazing content in a specific niche or category, then Revcontent will be best for you for the highest income. This ad network provides native advertisements for its publisher via widgets.

Getting approval from it is not easy. To getting approval your website must have unique and high-quality pages. If your site gets traffic from US, UK, CA, FR, IN, NZ & AU and has 100,000 impressions per day, then there is a 100% chance of approval from Revcontent.

  • Ad Types: Native Advertisement
  • Payment Methods: ACH Transfer, PayPal, at least $100 and at least $1,000 for Wire Transfer

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bidvertiser ad network

As a direct advertising network, the BidVertiser is working since 2003. To be a publisher on this network you do not need many visitors to the website. You will get easy approval on any type of your blog.

If you got repeatedly rejected from AdSense or if your site’s articles do not match the AdSense policy, you may feel free to use this BidVertiser ad network. It gives you easy approval for all types of content.

  • Ad Types: Native Ads, Push Notifications, Direct Navigation & Pop Under
  • Payment Methods: $10 for PayPal, $100 for Check and $500 for Wire Transfer

>>> BidVertiser Sign Up <<<


buysellads network

BuySellAds is such a direct advertisement platform that is useful for both publishers and advertisers. If you are a publisher, you can list your site with details of your statistics here.

And an advertiser can buy a place on your site for direct advertising after viewing the statistics on your website. Since you will use their service, they will charge 25% for every transaction.

  • Ad Types: Native Ads, Sponsored Ads, Podcast Ads, Display Ads & Email Ads
  • Payment Methods: $20 for PayPal, $50 for Check and $500 for Wire Transfer

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For making extra revenue from the website, the PopAds ad network is currently popular for pop lover publishers. If you have a very low traffic website, then this network will suitable for you.

Because, when your account will earn $10 through advertising, from here you can withdraw money. After apply to get approval, they will review your site and approve your application within 1 hour of their business day.

Unlike AdSense, they share 80% of revenue with their publishers for every ad.

  • Ad Types: Popunder
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Paxum or Payza, at least $10 and a minimum $1000 for Wire Transfer

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crakrevenue network

CrakRevenue is the best CPA network that provides an unlimited affiliate program for basically adult websites. That is, if you have an adult website, you can come into this network and promote different types of adult products.

One of the most popular offers on this is the “sign up” offer. But of course, be sure to check the Geolocation before joining a program.

  • Ad Type: Native Ads
  • Payment Methods: Paxum and PayPal, at least $100 & for Bank Transfer $500

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best alternative to monetize?

– If you feel frustrated choosing a network, then I will recommend media.net for you personally. After AdSense, it pays more than others.

Can I get approved on the Blogspot site?

– Yes, all the ad networks are completely friendly for the Blogspot website.

Which ad network pays the most?

– Definitely AdSense. And after, Media.net, PropellerAds, etc.


Always try to use AdSense on your website. Because it’s a product of Google that is very reliable. Since getting approval from Google Adsense is harder and harder, you too have to move through time.

Try to write very high-quality content on your website and add value. Just as you will get AdSense, both your website and the content will rank in search engines. And if the contents of your website are not designed according to AdSense policy.

Then try to hire an expert or use AdSense alternatives for small websites or your low traffic blogs. Have you any confusion or something else, contact us.

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