Agario MOD Menu APK Download v2.18.1 For Android

Agario MOD Menu APK is an action game that is developed by Matheus Valadares and published by Miniclip for Android and iOS on 24 July 2015. It has also a browser version, where you can play it via computer or mobile web browser.


You have to basically play the Agario MOD game online with worldwide players. You will get a small or tiny cell first while starts it and have to make it bigger by eating other player’s cells. But if you fall in front of the big players, they will eat you.

Due to which you have to survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell.

This Agario MOD Menu has current FFA, Battle Royale, Teams, Experimental, and Party game modes. Each mode will give you different graphics, tastes, cells, and other items. 30 million people are playing this game monthly on mobile.

Current Versionv 2.18.1
Size43.7 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.4 +
Released25 Nov 2021

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Install it, play, and make your cell biggest than any other gamer.

Agario MOD Menu Features

It adds many awesome functions and features to every update. If you use the latest version always, you will get them completely free. Some of the features I have already listed below for you. Read them before playing it.

  • Create parties to play with your friends together
  • Earn unlimited DNA currency to get Skins and Mystery Potions
  • Get unlimited Coins to buy costumes, upgrades, and skip the brew time
  • Use the power to play with different types of skins
  • Collect tokens, unlock rewards, and upgrade your cell more
  • Throw and split Mass to gain more advantages
  • VIP Subscription to get exclusive rewards, coins, and boosters
  • Reduce the zoom option when your cell size becomes larger
  • Block or remove all the irrelevant advertisements

If you want, change the cell’s appearance with words, phrases, or skins, symbols.

This iPhone or Android game is similar to the Slitherio, Bowmasters, Gotaio, Pieai, KUBOOM, and Spinzio games. But if you play the latest Agario MOD Menu game on your device, will get a different level of taste that is not available anywhere.

How To Get Coins and DNA In Agario

People always ask me 2 questions that are how to get DNA and Coins. Now, you will get answers.

Coins are basically 1st currency and DNA is the 2nd currency of the game. Coins can be used to buy skins and game boosts. And DNA can be used to buy premium potions, self-created skins, skip the brew time of Mystery Potions, etc.

There are 2 ways available to get them. Let’s see the methods,

Using Normal Method

  • Complete Daily Quest and Weekly Leaderboards
  • Open Potions and reach new levels more easily
  • Join the giveaway and get your favorite gifts or prizes

Buy Coins and DNA

You should buy if you need more resources.

Coins Prices,

  • 1250 Coins – $1.99
  • 7000 Coins – $9.99
  • 50000 Coins – $49.99

DNA Prices,

  • 125 DNA – $1.99
  • 800 DNA – $9.99
  • 15000 DNA – $99.99

That’s it.

Finishing Part

Personally, I love to play Android games every day.

This is why I use the Agario MOD Menu APK on my device to get many premium features and items completely free. If you also have an interest to play it, download and install the game from the above now.

And spend your quality or free time.