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Coin Master is a mobile game that is available for Android and iOS users. Moon Active developer made this casual game and released it in 2015. More than 81 million people play this top-rated mobile game on their devices every day.

In this casual game, the player has to attack other villages by spinning and collecting coins. And with those coins, the player has to build/upgrade the village more to take it to the next level. But upgrading your own base with a small number of coins is quite difficult and time-consuming.

This article will help you get unlimited Coin Master free spins and coins completely free on a daily basis.


Coin Master Free Spins

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How To Get More Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

Do you know there are lots of ways to get free spins and coins from this Android game? Yeah, there are lots of ways to get rewards for free. Let’s see how to get them,


By hitting the Jackpot, you will get lots of things including coins, spins, hammers for attack, Jackpots.

The Jackpot feature is completely free which is provided by the Moon Active developer. It’s the main feature of this game. To enjoy it, you just need to enter the game from your Android or iPhone and then you have to swipe up.

For each Jackpot, you will have to spend one spin.

Invite Friends

After entering the game, you can invite your friends by clicking on the menu icon from the top right corner. Upon inviting, the game authority will send a notification to your friends on Facebook to play it.

Then when your friends will click on the invitation, download the game, and sign in to Facebook, in return you will get 40 spins for free. Even if your friend doesn’t play this game, it won’t be a problem.

So, invite more friends and earn more Coin Master free spins.

Spin Gifts

It won’t be a problem if your friend doesn’t play it. But if play, then it will be an advantage for you. Give one spin gift to each of your friends and your friends can give one spin gift in the same way to you. The funny thing is that no spin will cut from the number of your own spins if you gift.

Can collect 50, 60, 70, 80, or more spins from your friends for free.

Email Gifts

To get daily coins, spins, and many more things, you have to sign up for the Coin Master newsletter. Through the newsletter, this game gives rewards to its users personally. You have to sign up for their email from the official website. They promise they will not spam on your inbox.

So, you can safely subscribe to their newsletter.

Watch Videos

By watching videos, you will get lots of Coin Master free coins and spins. Videos will provide by a random 3rd party due to which you will get different types of coins in each video. Clips quality is very good so it can cut a lot of mobile data.

So, there will be recommendations to watch videos using WiFi.

Reward Calendar

Reward Calendar is a new feature that has been added to this game. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, can thus collect Coin Master free spins, coins, chests, pet foods according to the calendar. If you play this smartphone game daily, then you will be able to collect these rewards for free.

You will get also an extra shield that can be used to protect your own village.

Card Collections

There are numerous types of cards. If you play this game daily, you will get random cards throughout the game. 9 unique Cards make up the collection and it will help you to get lots of gifts. And if you collect rare Cards, you will earn the biggest rewards.

And when the event is on, the gold card can be found.

Mystery Chest

It is another awesome feature for game players. Mystery Chest provides a great opportunity for players to win 400 to 50000 Coin Master free spins including Pet Treats, Pet XP, and Cards. And you will get Joker Card in every 1 out of every 10 chests.

It is the best way to collect Cards.


There are always some events going on inside the game. Players will get some targets by participating in the event. After filling that targets, the player will get a million spins, coins, and many more gifts. It will help you to take the extra opportunity.

So when the event will on, don’t miss it.

Contests and Raffles

The game posts contests and raffles almost all the time on Facebook and Twitter social media platforms. Contests usually have to answer different types of questions, while some contests are video-based. In the videos contest, users have to pause the video, take screenshots, and upload them on the comment box.

To win the contest, the user must be complete the tasks quicker than any other person.

Master Heists

It’s another new feature that will help players to get fantastic prizes. Money Heist mainly depended on OFFERS. OFFER 1 will be unlocked when you will collect the number of rewards. In the same way, you have to unlock the OFFER 2 and OFFER 3 options.

Another name of this is Diamond Heist.

Upgrade Village

For each upgrade item of the village, you will get Coin Master free spins and coins. It is mainly given as a gift for the development of the village. As the village developed, more coins will be available. To make the task easier, you need to collect a lot of coins every day.

Be sure to provide shelter as soon as upgraded.

Spins From MineRev

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Yes, the MineRev website visitors are available to get daily Coin Master free coins and spin links. This website is very useful for those who want to easily own a large number of coins with one click.

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Other Ways

There are many other ways to make coins to upgrade your village. For example, 5 spins per hour will be added to your account. That means it only takes 10 hours to reach the maximum spins (50 spins). You can use these spins at any time for attacks, coins, more spins, or anything.

Try to use all the spins. Because it will help you to earn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free Coin Master spins?

You will get free spins from the Moon Active official social media pages or visit this site to get spins, coins, cards daily.

How to get Coin Master 70 spin link?

Sometimes, Coin Master gives 70 spins rewards for their users. But the best way is, if you play this game every day, you will get this reward at some point.

How to get Coin Master 400 spin link?

To get the 400 spins link you need to participate in the events of this game. Or keep an eye on this site to get many spins every day.

Is Coin Master user get 400 Spin 800 spin by reward link?

There is no direct way to get 400 Spin 800 spin by reward link. But you can be active on this game to get many spins.

How do you get free gold cards on Coin Master?

By requesting gifts, trading, purchasing items, participating in events, you can get free gold cards on this smartphone game.


This game is the most popular in the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany. Every time people play this game on their device to spend time. The game concept is that build or upgrade the village/base more. So naturally, users need a lot of coins to make the village bigger.

Coins can be earned in basically 2 ways and to get them you have to use spins. One is the Coin Master free spins, which you can get from the above table of this post. And the other is the paid way, which is where you have to buy coins from inside the game.

Hope you got help and bookmarked this article.