How To Win Coin Master Viking Quest In Easy Way

Coin Master Viking Quest is an event where people get free spins, coins, pets, XP, chest, gold cards, etc. Users have to use their own coins instead of spins to play this event.


There is a chance to win astronomical rewards after playing the new Viking Slots spin. This event has a total of 10 levels. 1st level is easy, 2nd level is slightly harder, 3rd level is a little harder.

So the levels of play will be harder as the level increases. Due to this many players cannot win this Coin Master Viking Quest event. But this tutorial will teach you the right methods to increase your winnings.

How To Play Coin Master Viking Quest

And when you will go to play the Viking Slots, you have to follow some rules.


For example, if the Mission says “Win 10 Million Coins”, that means you have to earn “10 Million Coins” in the mission. Otherwise, you will not get your desired rewards from this mobile game.

Learn now how to play this event,

Step 1: Open the Coin Master game from your Android, iOS, or computer.

Step 2: Press the rewards icon from the bottom right.

Step 3: You can see the map of the mission here with 10 unique levels. So, start playing now from here.

It is recommended not to play this event if you do not have enough coins. And the village level must be 50 or higher to play this event.

Coin Master Viking Quest Tips

Some of the most powerful tips are given below that can be used to win Viking Quest missions and rewards.

  • Stock 25 to 60 billion coins before playing this event.
  • Keep spinning the maximum to get 3 hearts in a row.
  • Try to play on the cold brain without getting excited.
  • Keep spinning carefully as much as possible, otherwise, you will lose a lot of coins.
  • Look for the big raids after entering Level 6.
  • In Level 6, players will get a gold card, so stick here.
  • Take VIP Membership to get bigger rewards and many gifts.

Let us know in the comment box if you have any tips.

The game has been a massive success, and as of February of 2019, had been downloaded over 250 million times. In January of 2019, the game released a new update called Viking Quest. Viking Quest update introduces a new island that can be accessed by spending 10,000 coins.

Island is filled with new challenges, and players can earn rewards like coins, shields, and Master Points.

Master Points are a new type of currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items in the game. Master Points can only be earned by completing the challenges on the island, and there are a total of 100 Master Points to be earned.

It update also introduces a new character, Thor. Thor is a powerful warrior who can be unlocked by completing a series of challenges. Once Thor is unlocked, he can be used to attack other players and protect your village.

The Viking Quest update is a great addition to the game and provides players with a new challenge to complete. If you’re a fan of Coin Master, be sure to check out the Viking Quest update and see how you can earn Master Points.


Win Coin Master Viking Quest is damn hard.

But if you play smartly, then there is a chance to win. You will find 2 types of missions in the Viking Quest. One is the Regular, and another is the Bonus Wheel mission. In the Regular mission, you have to earn a certain amount of coins to get the rewards.

And in the case of the Bonus Wheel mission, you have to press the “Bonus Wheel” icon 3 times to get coins. You can make lots of coins in the Bonus Wheel mission.