How To Correct Grammatical Mistakes While Writing

After reading this article you will learn how to correct grammatical mistakes while writing yours. Most bloggers and writers have to write a lot of articles for their websites or clients.


But since we are not robots, we could be wrong with different words, punctuation, or sentences in our writing. This is why we should use a tool for more attractive and correct our sentences.

Personally, I use Grammarly that helps me to correct my sentences while I write something on WordPress and Blogger. That’s why I recommend it to you. And here I also have shared the tutorial on how to correct sentences or anything else using it.

What Is Grammarly

It is a digital online writing tool that is available as a PC software and chrome extension. Grammarly basically will help to correct your sentences from mistakes like punctuation, verbs, spelling, plagiarism, or other grammatical problems.


Due to amazing performance, it is the #1 tool now around the world.

How To Correct Grammatical Mistakes While Writing

In order to keep my promise right now, I will show you how to solve my grammatical problems from an article in WordPress. Let’s get started,

Step 1: At first, you have to download Grammarly Chrome extension and after that, you have to sign up for creating an account.

Step 2: Now open any post from WordPress or blogger, or you can paste a new post here from MS Word.

Step 3: In the content section area, here you will see many red underlines and spelling mistakes.

Just you have to correct them according to the Grammarly suggestions.

grammar mistakes fix

That’s all. You can correct everything in this way.

Not only just WordPress or Blogger, but you can use this tool also in your Microsoft Office, Translator, Social Media Platforms, Emails, and many more places.


If you are getting afraid to write something in English, then this Grammarly is the best for your own use. When something goes wrong with your article, it will correct everything like a boss.

And if you do not use this online tool you will face many problems to solve your grammatical problems. This is why I highly recommend it to you. Facing any problems to solving your mistakes, contact us.