Facebook’s Diem Digital Coin Currency Launch Date Is 2021

Facebook’s Diem digital coin currency launch date is January 2021.

Diem Association plans to launch the dollar-based digital currency Diem in January of the next year. And now they are preparing for this project.

This is what the popular social media giant company Facebook said.

It is worth mentioning that Diem is a digital coin currency like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litcoin, etc and it is currently led by Facebook.

It was first released in April 2020.

But due to government policies and political opposition, the Libra (now Diem) project was delayed.

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The reason for the delay is that the economic downturn may come. Some economists and central banks have said this digital coin could cause economic instability around the world.

Also, they expressed fears at the time that the core power of money could change.

To prevent economic instability, Diem Digital currency will enter the field anew with those plans.

About Diem

The Dime Association is working to introduce digital coin to enable universal access to financial services. It’s based on Blockchain Technology that anyone can build and People all over the world can access it.

By using the Diem payment system, people can send, receive, and spend money around the world. But this digital coin will only support the USD, EUR, GBP, and XDM currency.

You can learn more about the digital coin system from Dime official website.