Does Apple Or Samsung Produce The Best Camera Phone? 

Apple and Samsung have been rivals for more than a decade. The two companies have introduced the most powerful and well-known smartphones, representing iOS and Android which are now the most used mobile operating systems. The competition is not only about users’ experiences, software but most significantly, hardware including camera setups. However, does the iPhone 14 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have a better camera?


We use smartphones almost all day long. Also, one of the most used features is to take photos with their cameras: a selfie, a landscape, a funny incident,… Especially when you travel, a smartphone’s camera is like a best friend that we may not live without to capture the most beautiful and fascinating moment of the place we’ve been to. They are also helpful with our study or employment. The Korean giant has just introduced its latest flagships to the market: Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. As a result, the comparison between these latest phones with Apple’s 2022-released iPhone 14 models has been the hot topic for quite a time. In this post, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each phone’s camera set. 

One of the major factors when you purchase a high-end smartphone such as these two is its camera. Therefore, both companies have made great efforts to bring out their best at the moment. For the Galaxy S23 Ultra, its extreme 100x zoom magnification is properly the most appealing feature that every Galaxy user wishes to experience. Internet users have long been aware of Samsung phones’ great ability at zooming, giving us a clear picture of objects which are really far away, even out of our sights. The most representative example is when people go to music concerts and they might take photos and record the artists amazingly clearly with Galaxy phones. However, these phones also meet with several criticisms for being too vivid and sometimes unreal to some extent. Especially while taking selfies and full-body photos, human faces seem kind of edited. 

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro is not featured with extreme zooming. Also, there is less setting option to customize your camera application. However, iPhone’s cameras are known for helping users take the most realistic photos in terms of colors, brightness and contrast. There is nothing surprising that the camera is the bright star on the iPhone 14 Pro. Even though it does not have the incredible zooming feature, you can actually take zooming photos which are much better than the predecessor iPhone 13 Pro and the regular iPhone 14 models. To conclude, the choice is definitely yours and depends on your preference. 


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