Everliker Standalone Review | Grow Instagram Followers & Likes

The Everliker Standalone Chrome extension will help you to increase your Instagram followers and likes. Usually, we follow different types of accounts and like all their posts, and also comment on some posts. This job helps us to get some followers.


But the problem is that following people and liking posts is very time-consuming and a little difficult. But if we use this extension on our desktop or laptop, it will help to give auto likes to all people’s images and videos.

Now read this full Everliker review to know more details.

What Is Everliker

It is a social assistant tool that is only available for Chrome extension. It will allow you to give automatic likes to images and videos uploaded from other Instagram users.


This tool can like 42,000 posts a month on your preferred hashtags. In terms of saving time and increasing the number of followers, this automation tool has gained immense popularity among all bloggers and normal Insta users.

Everliker Features

This extension has two versions. One is paid and the other is free. In the free version you will get some features less than the paid version. But I think the free version is enough for us.

  • Easy to use and 100% safe
  • Auto like on hashtag’s posts
  • Run multiple Instagram account
  • Username and password are not required
  • Increase followers and likes

And this tool is designed with all the more awesome features.

How To Use Everliker Standalone

It is very easy to use also like other tools. Even then I will teach you a few things about this automation tool so that you can easily set it up for yourself. So take a look at the following steps and set it up for yourself now.

Step 1: Download the free version of this tool from here.

Step 2: Press the Everliker Standalone extension icon from the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Step 3: Provide your niche or category related hashtags in the tags section (ex: #travel #food #health etc.) and input the maximum number (recommend 100) of likes.

Step 4: Now click on the start the task button for watching the magic.

This extension can run automatically in the background. At this time you can do other work as well.

Is Everliker safe?

You might think that using this automation tool could result in your Instagram account being banned. But no, nothing like that will happen.

It is 100% safe for use on your device. Personally, I have been using this tool on my browser for quite some time. And so far I have not faced any kind of problem yet. That is, my account is not getting banned. I set up everything very nicely.

Due to which the number of my followers has increased a lot.

Everliker Standalone Alternative

So far many developers have built many alternative tools to this tool. You can use it’s alternative if you want. Let’s see some popular social media automation tools from here.

  • SocialRocket
  • GrowBot Automator
  • IG Hoot
  • InstaPy
  • Likezoid
  • Unfollowers Assistant

More tool names will be added here in the future.

Everliker Standalone Review

Since I am a digital marketer and an SEO expert, so at different times I promote different types of products. Like everyone else, I love to use social media for campaigning.

Because the maximum number of people in the world use Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. This means that the person to whom I will promote my product is also connected to the social media platform.

The most popular among social media is the photo-sharing site Instagram.

To promote products on Instagram is the best choice for me. Due to which I had opened a new account on Instagram a few days ago for promoting my new business.

But the problem is that I was spending a lot of time to increase my followers on Instagram. So I had decided to use an automatic tool for my Instagram account so that my time is saved and I can do other work at this time.

I had chosen the Everliker Chrome extension for this work. Installed it on my desktop and set up with #cat #catlover #catgirls and many more Instagram hashtags. Point to be noted that I had collected those hashtags from other accounts.

Exactly one month later I was really surprised to see the result.

I got about 6000 followers on my account and a total of 1300 likes on all the posts. That’s amazing, right? I still use this tool in my browser for this work and I have not yet received any ban from the Instagram authorities.

So I can say that this tool is really nice. And I also recommend it for your own work.


This Everliker Standalone extension tool will save your lots of time and will play a very effective role in increasing the number of your followers. Moreover, there will be no chance of any kind of situation like getting ban.

You can use it for any kind of business. And I promise that it will boost your organic followers as well that other tools will not give so much opportunity.

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