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To make blogging easier, many developers and companies have created many Google Chrome extensions for bloggers in different types and specific works. Since I’m a blogger, that’s why I use various extensions in my browser to make easier tasks.


In the below, I will share some of the best extensions with you that I use every day for my work. Some of the extensions are available for both Chrome and Mozilla browsers. But before that, we need to know why we will use extensions.

Suppose, you want to take a screenshot of a web page, what will you do in this case?

If you go to take a screenshot in a normal way, you will find that it takes a lot of time to take a screenshot. Even at times, this task may seem boring.


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But in this case, an extension can easily take a screenshot with just one click. It will save time, just as you can finish the work very quickly.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Anyway, let’s look at some of the best bloggers extensions that will greatly benefit us as a blogger in our daily work.

1. Word Counter Plus

word counter plus extension

If you want to know exactly how many words have been used on a website’s page, this extension will help you a lot. With this, you can count word, character, average word length, and longest word length.

So far more than 42K people are using it in their daily activities.

How To Use

  1. Install it on your chrome browser.
  2. Go to any page and select some text.
  3. Click on the right button of the mouse.
  4. Now click on the Word Counter Plus.

This way you can count words of anything for free.

>>> Word Counter Plus <<<

2. Grammarly

grammarly extension

The first language of most bloggers or content writers is not English. Since their mother tongue is not English, that’s why grammar, punctuation, or sentence can be wrong when writing something about a topic.

As such my mother tongue is not English and I am not a native writer. This is why when I write content for this MineRev website, I make many mistakes. This is the main reason that I use the Grammarly extension.

This is one of the most beloved and popular grammar tool of the present day, which can make sentence grammatical errors free and stylish. It is a free extension.

>>> Grammarly <<<

3. SimilarWeb

similarweb extension

If you want to know website stats, then this is the best extension for you. This tool will help you to see competitor’s website stats, ranking, geography, website traffic sources, top keywords, referring sites, and many more items.

Most SEO experts are love to using it on their browsers. However, they have a limitation in the free version if you want to see full of referring sites, keywords, etc from a website.

>>> SimilarWeb <<<

4. Mobile View Switcher

mobile view switcher extension

This tool will help you to switch desktop view to mobile view for any website on your computer. For example, if you visit Google’s homepage, you cannot see the mobile view even if your browser is minimized.

Because it has a different theme for desktop and mobile. There are many other websites that much like this Google. You can use this Mobile View Switcher tool in your Chrome browser to see the mobile view of those websites.

Already it has more than 24,000 users at present. This extension is designed to check whether a website is mobile-friendly or responsive.

>>> Mobile View Switcher <<<

5. Hoxx VPN Proxy

hoxx vpn proxy extension

If any website is blocked in your country, to get access you can use any VPN software on the device. But this Hoxx VPN Proxy extension is there to make the task easier. With just one click from the browser, connect with a proxy of any country.

In the free version, you will be able to use 5/7 hours continuously and there is also a limitation on country selection. Personally, I use it when a website shows blocked in my country or my IP. Also, only in the free version can I get my work done.

The free version is enough for use. But if you are a heavy user, I would ask you to use the paid version.

>>> Hoxx VPN Proxy <<<

6. SetupVPN

setupvpn extension

You can use it as an alternative of the Hoxx VPN extension. When you will cross your free limit in the Hoxx VPN extension, you can connect to the SetupVPN extension to hiding your identity.

This VPN will help you hide your identity and visit blocked websites. The features are the same as Hoxx.

>>> SetupVPN <<<

7. WebRTC Leak Shield

webrtc leak shield extension

Any type of VPN extension can easily hide the IP address. But they cannot prevent IP leakage due to WebRTC. That is, Google or any other third party will be able to follow your IP and know what you are doing on the Internet.

However, there is no cause for concern. The WebRTC Leak Shield extension will give you full of security about your privacy. In addition to using a VPN, I recommend using this WebRTC shield as well. They will secure your privacy free of cost.

>>> WebRTC Leak Shield <<<

8. SEOquake

seoquake extension

SEO Quake is a powerful SEO toolbox for the chrome and Mozilla browsers both of which own by SEMrush. It is full of features and it simply provides unlimited data for competitor sites to analyze.

With this tool you will be able to see website rank, Alexa rank, backlinks, site traffics.

Even you can make SEO audits. After installing this SEOquake, you will see some SEO information at the bottom of each URL that will provide this extension after doing some search on Google.

>>> SEOquake <<<

9. MozBar

mozbar extension

Due to gives instant metrics of SEO, MozBar is now a famous tool for every blogger. It is a product of Moz. This extension allows you to view the PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) of websites pages.

Also, it provides many features like backlinks, page optimization, and many more items. The amazing feature of this extension is that you can better optimize your page for ranking on Google high by checking the on-page SEO elements bar.

>>> MozBar <<<

10. SeeRobots

seerobots extension

From the inspect option it is very difficult to see which pages on the website are index or noindex markup. Especially for those who looking for different types of profiles or forum sites for backlinks, it is boring to check whether each page is indexed or noindex.

But the SeeRobots will help you to see the robots on any type of page even you do not need to click above the extension for seeing the robot. Now SeeRobots shows whether the page is an index, follow, noindex or nofollow.

>>> SeeRobots <<<

11. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keyword Everywhere provides Search Volume, CPC, and Competition (For Advertiser) for each search on Google, YouTube, Amazon, or anywhere. Even you will get the data from related keywords.

But sadly, it is currently a paid tool. After giving free service for a long four years, the tool has basically paid for only to prevent spamming. They have no monthly subscriptions. Just you have to buy credits. 1 credit charge will be applicable for each keyword data.

You will get the price information from here. Many SEO experts said that it is a useful tool for Keyword Research.

>>> Keywords Everywhere <<<

12. SEO Minion

seo minion

It’s another product of Keyword Everywhere which is totally free. With this tool, you can analyze on-page SEO, check broken links, see SERP preview, and many more. Basically, it works mainly for checking if there is an on-page SEO error on your page.

This feature is a lot like MozBar.

>>> SEO Minion <<<

13. LinkMiner


This LinkMiner will help you to check if any broken links on the web pages. With this tool, you can easily find the broken links of any page and get a backlink to your content by letting the site owner be informed about the broken link of his site’s page.

If any page has a broken link, this tool will check it and will show you that this link is broken.

>>> LinkMiner <<<

14. Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot

Sometimes we have to take screenshots for different tasks. Although there are many ways to manually take screenshots that are time-consuming and sometimes annoying.

But the Awesome Screenshot has made the task easier. It even has a video recorder option that will help you record a page along with a free screenshot.

>>> Awesome Screenshot <<<

check my links

Check My Links extension is similar to the LinkMiner tool. This means it will crawl your webpage and the red mark on the broken link by looking for broken links. And links that are valid will be greenmarket.

This tool is now very popular and it has more than 170000 + users.

>>> Check My Links <<<

16. WhatFont


Let’s say you liked the font of a website, and you want to use that font on your site. But despite a lot of effort, you could not find the font of that site. Although the thing is very boring, there is no reason to worry.

The WhatFont extension will help you to find any website’s font easily. Even you will see also font style, size, color, etc. This tool is recommended by Wired WebMonkey, Lifehacker, and SwissMiss.

>>> WhatFont <<<

17. ColorZilla


After figuring out the font of a website, you saw that you liked the color of a part of that site. And here you also want to use that color on your site. Although via inspect you can find out the color of any site, it is difficult to do it.

When you will place the mouse pointer on that particular part of the website to see the color, this ColorZilla tool will easily show you the color code of any part. For finding a color code of a site, it is the best tool for use.

>>> ColorZilla <<<


Hope you read the whole Chrome extensions for bloggers article. Speaking of mine, I can’t think of a day without browser extensions. As a blogger, I use extensions every moment and in every task.

Basically, browser extensions are created to make works easier and faster. And of course, in the future, I will add more important and useful Chrome extensions to this page, which will help bloggers or digital marketers great.

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