Ezoic Review | Boost AdSense Earnings Up To 165%

A few days ago a friend of mine (Russell) suggested me to collect some Ezoic review or reviews from real users. After 7 days I collect some reviews and going to very surprised to see their earnings.


Because some Ezoic users have increased their revenue from AdSense by 50% to 200%. That means if someone earning $200 a month with the only AdSense, after using Ezoic they are able to earn $500+ a month.

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Since I have an AdSense based website, I was decided to use this Ad Management tool on that site. And the funniest thing is that I’ve also been able to boost my earning by 165%.


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Ezoic Review

Want to know how I did it?

I have talked about my personal experience with this tool and how you can increase your income. So, let’s get started.

How I Boost My Earnings

In the last month of last year, I hear about the Ezoic Ad Management tool name. For 1 month I did research on it. And in February I set up this tool on my website in the right way for comparing Ezoic vs AdSense.

Good to say, most users make the mistake by setting up. But don’t worry, I’ve written below a guide on how to set up Ezoic tool and boost earnings in the right way. I tested this tool for 1 month after setting up properly.

And yes, I go to surprise by the growth of income. In January my income was $223.32 from just AdSense. And using this Ezoic tool in February my income stood at $595. Isn’t that exciting?

ezoic vs adsense earnings

I’ll check the Mediavine tool in the future to see if it’s good or worse.

What Is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an Ad Management tool that uses machine learning technology to optimize ads and increase the revenue of publishers. It works well in AdSense, Media.net, or any other ad network platforms.

The Ezoic company is the first and only automated website testing tool that is Google Certified Publishing Partner. This is why I believe this company so much. And keep in mind that it’s not an alternative to Google AdSense.

It’s just a tool that uses your ad network for generating more revenue.

Ezoic Features

They have some amazing features that help you to increase your income. Some of the main features are discussed in detail below.

Ad Tester: Ad Tester will help you to set ad units in the best place with the perfect ad size to generating more clicks. After test ads by using a device, traffic source, user behavior and many more, ads will automatically optimize for visitors.

Layout Tester: Their library has many layouts for increasing revenue and improving user experiences. All the layouts are basically optimized for mobile and tablet devices. For layout testing, you have to just pick a template from their library.

Revenue Managers: Revenue Managers try to understand how much revenue comes from each visitor and how long it lasts so that a publisher’s income can be maximized via optimizing.

Ezoic Requirements

In order to use it, your website must have a minimum of 10,000 visitors per month and must comply with Google’s policies. Then you will get approval easily.

How To Set Up Ezoic

Below I have shared the step by step guide about it.

Step 1: Go to the Ezoic site and click on the “START FREE TRIAL” button. Now provide all information and click on the “Create Ezoic Account”.

Step 2: Mark on “Monetization” and click to continue.

step 1

Step 3: Now go to setting from the right corner and scroll down. Here you will see the Cloudflare option. Just click on the “activate via own account” option.

step 2

Step 4: Give your Cloudflare username and password here for“Integration Your Site” for Ad Tester.

Step 5: Now go above and click on the “Setup Ad Testing” option.

step 3

Step 6: Hit the “New Placeholder” button for creating new ads. As an ad position choose the “Sidebar Top” and give a name of it.

step 4

Step 7: From “Size Criteria” select all the items and click to save button (Note: You can customize it with your own choice).

step 5

Step 8: Click on the “code” button and copy the all ad code.

step 6

Step 9: For perfect way to set up, learn from the screenshot that how to wrap Ezoic ads.

step 7

Step 10: Now copy the full code and go WordPress or Blogger widget bar. Add a “custom HTML widget” and in here paste the full code. After that tap on the save button.

Well, you have perfectly set up the code on your website. Via this, you already finished the 80% work. Let’s finish the rest.

Step 1: Go to above and tap on the “Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange”. Here you have to add your Google account for verification.

After adding, you have to click “Resend Link” and go to your Gmail and verify it.

step 8

Step 2: Again go to dashboard and click on the “Turn on Ezoic” option. Here you have to enable all the options.

step 9

Finally, you have set up this Ad Management tool on your site 100% correctly. Now, wait for the magic.


It has some great features, which are offered to their premium customers. Now they have 3 pricing plans. Below I have shared how much does Ezoic cost.

  • Core Platform: Free for all websites(Just they will display a very small Ezoic ad at the bottom of page)
  • Monetization Plan: They charges 5% of your total month’s revenue (Ex: $1000*5% = $50 charges)
  • Site Speed: To speed up a website, their plan starts from $29.99

Also, you can manage multiple sites through one Ezoic account.

Some Real Example

Till now many ad publishers are using it on their site for boosting their income like me. I’ve shared two screenshots of just two of their income below.

  • 1st screenshot taken from Fat Stacks.
ezoic real income
  • And the 2nd screenshot taken from Niche Pursuits.
ezoic real income pic

Do not forget to send your earning screenshot to me for featuring in this post.

How To Remove Ezoic

It’s very sad that you want to remove this tool from your website or blog. But if you don’t know how to remove it, don’t worry at all. Since I have taught you how to install, so I will again teach you how to remove it.

I have written the details below.

  1. Log in to your Ezoic account and go to site list and remove it.
  2. Delete script and widget from WordPress or Blogger website.

That’s all.


The following are some common questions to answer.

Can I use it on any ad network?

– You can use this tool on any type of ad network. But for the best performance, use AdSense along with it.

Can I use it on any ad network?

– You can use this tool on any type of ad network. But for the best performance, use AdSense along with it.

How does Ezoic work?

– It’s basically collecting user’s behaviors, countries, devices, etc of your website visitors. After that, they provide the best ad in the right place for visitors.

Is Ezoic worth it?

– Definitely, I suggest to all publishers that try it at least once to maximize your revenue.

Payment methods

– Their minimum threshold is $20 and they pay via Cheque, Paypal, and Payoneer Mastercard.

When does Ezoic pay?

– Every 30 to 45 days later after using fully install it.

Is it a scam?

– No, it is not a scam. They are Google Certified Publishing Partners. So we can believe.


Without an AdSense expert or other ad network expert, no one can tell you exactly how to grow an income. But once you think, if there were any ad management tool that will automatically do all the work to grow your income.

Yes, there is such a thing and its name is Ezoic. I’ve shared all the experiences that have happened to me above. Since this Ezoic review is real, you can trust this tool for yourself or check it at least one time.