Ezoic vs Mediavine | Which Is Best For Making More Money

Want to see the comparisons of Ezoic vs Mediavine and also want to know which ad management tool is best for making more money? However, you are in the right place. I’m going to share my honest review of these 2 ad networks here.


Since I’ve already used these two tools for myself, so today I will share my own thoughts about them. Let’s see the deep comparison.

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Introducing 2 Tools

First, we will know about these two platforms, what they are and what is their job.


What Is Ezoic

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. It is currently working as an ad management platform for publishers. This means that you can use this tool on Google AdSense based or any ads based website to increase your income.

It has many features that many people liked. Some features are included here.

  • Core Features
  • Monetization
  • Site Speed

They are in the market for many years. That’s why they have got huge trust from every publisher.

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What Is Mediavine

It is also Google Certified Publishing Partner and it’s like also Ezoic. They will manage every ad of your ad network account to maximize your site’s income. They are so much popular for their video player feature.

Mediavine features are similar to the Ezoic tool. Even then some uncommon features are given below.

  • New Ad Experiences
  • Video Playing Ads
  • Health Checks

They will help you to build your website as a business. But unfortunately, they just manage your display ads, which I do not like as much.

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Ezoic vs Mediavine – Which Makes More Money

Now, I have 3 websites. One is MineRev and the other two sites I am not mentioning here for security purposes. I have used these ad management tools on two other websites within three sites.

Note: On the website that I used the Ezoic tool, we can assume it as “Website A”. And on another website I used the Mediavine, we can assume it as “Website B”.

It will help us understand the comparison of the two tools. Now I will share my thoughts that which platform is helping me to make more money. And at the same time, you can decide which tool will be best for you.

Ezoic Platform

In February, I tested the Ezoic tool on one of my websites (Website A) to see if it really helps increase revenue. Yes, this has helped me a lot in maximizing my revenue. And already I wrote a post about this tool review a few days ago.

Here I shared how I boost my income $223.32 to $595 after using this ad tool.

ezoin income

Basically, it helped me to boost my income by 165%. When I saw the test results, I just fall in love with this tool and promised to use it in the future.

Note: I had emailed their support center to know if my income would increase in the same way in the future if I created a website/niche in another category or niche. In reply, they said that this tool plays an effective role in any website to increase income.

Mediavine Platform

In March I had decided to use Mediavine for ad placement just to see if it was better than Ezoic. I had set it up on my site (Website B) as per the decision and reviewed it for one month.

But after seeing the result of Mediavine, I just got shocked! Before saying the result, I want to say that in February I made $236.65 from that website (Website B) through AdSense.

On April 1st, I look at the Mediavine dashboard for the result.

My income through MediaVine in March was only $ 369.39. It boosted only 56%, which is too low. Take the calculator in hand and start calculating to see the difference between Ezoic income and Mediavine income.

After calculation, I got here is a $225.61 difference.

Shocked again!

I have decided to remove the Mediavine tool from my website and install the Ezoic tool on that website (Website B) also.

Approval Requirement & Quality

They both tools have some requirements for website approval. In this chapter, I have written about whether you can use any of any ad management on your site.

Ezoic Requirements

First we will go with this ad network.

If your site is brand new and does not have enough traffic, there is no chance of approval from them. In order to get approval from them, your website must have at least 10,000 monthly visitors.

And also your site must be in compliance with Google’s policies. Keep in mind that you will not receive approval for your predominantly corporate or e-commerce sites.

These are the main requirements. If your site meets the requirements of this tool, you can easily get approval within 1 hour or 1 day.

Mediavine Requirements

Mediavine is basically working for only big bloggers and very few small publishers. To get approval from here, your site must have 50,000 sessions per month. Also, your site must have quality, enough, and original content.

But before applying make sure that your current site is in good standing with Google AdSense. Otherwise, you will not get approval from here easily. The main point is that it is relatively difficult to get approval from the Mediavine tool if we do compare it with Ezoic.

But if you have a quality website and many visitors, then you can try it for yourself.

Plans & Pricing

These 2 tools have a pricing system for better support to their publishers.

Ezoic Price

Ezoic has 3 plans right now. No, you do not need to worry about their pricing system. Cause, you can use their free features for your every website. Even I also use the free version for mine.

In the free version, they include only their brand name in small size under every ad. And if you want to remove it from your ad, then you have to give them 10% of your every month’s revenue.

Let’s do a calculation.

If you start earning $5000 a month through it, you only have to pay 10%, which is only $500. I like the free version. It doesn’t cause too many problems.

Mediavine Price

They only pay 75% on your full month’s earnings. And take 25% as a charge for them. In my personal opinion, they cut too much as a charge. Let’s do a calculation for them now.

If you make $5000 a month through it, you only have to pay 25%, which is only $1250. That is huge, right?

Support System

Both tools have amazing support and they provide email support for their publishers. But there are some little differences between them. I have discussed below how quickly and exactly how much support I got through them.

Ezoic Tool

Since we are human beings, we can get into technical or other problems at any time for any tool. So I had some problems while using this tool. And then I emailed them about my problems.

Exactly 1 hour after emailing, they gave me a reply with a proper solution.

And I mailed them again for more information and they answered me too quickly. From here I understand one thing that they will solve any kind of problem for you and that is of course very fast.

Even you can connect with an account manager directly, who will help you with any problems later.

Mediavine Tool

I could not properly install their codes on my website. As a result, I decided to contact them.

Open my browser and mail them by mentioning all issues. They reply to me after exactly 9 hours of my email. And of course, they solve my problem properly that I had really liked it.

But sad to say, I needed a solution to this problem very quickly. From here I understand one thing that they will solve your problem of course but in slow motion.

In terms of support, two tools provide amazing support. But the problem is with their support speed. That’s why in this problem I declare the Ezoic is the winner for faster support. The user experience of both tools is awesome.

Which Ad Platform Is Best For You

If you ask me that Mediavine vs Ezoic, which is the best, my answer would be Ezoic.

But why?

Because already we have much calculation about Mediavine and Ezoic platform. In each step, we have seen that Ezoic has given the most benefits compared to the Mediavine.

Even this tool has played a lot of effective role (Support, Pricing, More Money) in increasing our income. This is why I love the Ezoic ad management tool. I am also recommending the Ezoic tool for your site in this case.

This tool should be used for your site at least once.


I am not personally connected with the above companies. I have shared my personal experience with Ezoic vs Mediavine for you through this article. Even I read several reviews before writing this article.

Everywhere I look this Ezoic is the best. So, Ezoic has won these comparison games.

Now it’s your turn.

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  1. I’m using Ezoic Elite account for almost a year now. I was thinking of changing to Mediavine, but I’ll probably stay with Ezoic. I’ll try the free account again to see, whether the increase of premium account was real.

  2. I’ll stick to Ezoic all the way until I have 100,000 page views per month before switching to AdThrive. 25k page view is not worth the Mediavine switch IMHO.

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