1214+ Best Facebook Bio For Describe Your Feelings

There is available now the best Facebook bio for your profile.


After publishing the Facebook profile bio feature from the FB authority, lots of people share their short things in their account and they can describe their thought in 101 words by using this option.

Bio is usually written so that when a visitor enters your profile/timeline, they can understand who or what you are doing. Or you can write anything special in your bio section that you like.

Now you are going to see some awesome and most beautiful Facebook bio status.


Facebook Bio For Girls

Several beautiful lines have been shared below for female FB users.

  1. You don’t know, but my father knows I’m a princess.
  2. If you don’t like me, press the back button.
  3. Boys know how to flirt and girls know how to love.
  4. If you think money can’t buy happiness, you don’t know where the shopping mall is.
  5. I’m not actually ugly. Just I have not a makeup box.
  6. The relationship continues very well until the 3rd one enters life.
  7. If I’m going to damn anger, then I can hit myself.
  8. Love that girl who can wait for you every day.
  9. I’m waiting to disturb my future husband.
  10. Bed pillows know how much I cry every night.

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Facebook Bio For Boys

There is some bio is for smart, cool, dashing boys.

  1. I do those things which I do to like.
  2. Don’t measure my power by seeing my Facebook status.
  3. I don’t love anyone. But once I start loving someone, she is also unfaithful to me.
  4. I’m the coolest guy in the world you know.
  5. Boys don’t cry. They love to keep their tears inside.
  6. My browser history knows how much I’m good.
  7. Traveling is just a passion for me.
  8. Welcome to my virtual world.
  9. Love is a rare subject if you don’t know how to respect.
  10. Don’t be harder, be cooler yourself.

Facebook Stylish Bio

The following bio is for style lovers. Copy and share on Facebook profile.

  1. Style is a way to say who you are.
  2. Don’t show me your attitude, I’m better than you.
  3. I’m a stylish boy. Because girls are following me.
  4. You are damn ugly than my shoe style.
  5. Don’t judge me by seeing only my clothes.
  6. Stylish boys always looking for stylish girls.
  7. If you don’t have money, you can impress a girl with style.
  8. I’m bad for bad guys and good for good girls.
  9. You are damn cute until I’m going to make stylish myself.
  10. Work is my profession and fashion is my passion.

Attitude Bio For Facebook

Every people have their own attitude. And some of given below,

  1. You will not find a better attitude guy than me.
  2. No matter who you are, I don’t care.
  3. I am the best in my own eyes.
  4. Before playing with me, you should learn how to play.
  5. You can’t understand anything until I’m showing the exact things.
  6. Respective people deserve respect.
  7. I have learned a lot from my life. So, don’t teach me.
  8. Life is beautiful only when you have money in your pocket.
  9. Never disturb me, I have an attitude.
  10. If you are a king, then I am the owner of that jungle.

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Funny Bio For Facebook

Shared some FB bio ideas for you.

  1. Those who laugh a lot know how to cry.
  2. I learn from my mistakes and then advise myself.
  3. Do not follow me. Cause, I don’t know the right road.
  4. There is only one good person in this world. And he is me.
  5. I am very busy with life. So, can’t update the bio.
  6. Life is too short to update FB bio.
  7. I’m the owner of this Facebook account.
  8. Keep dreaming, don’t wake up.
  9. Sorry, bio is not available for you.
  10. Funny people know that how to make people laugh.

Quotes For FB Bio

Most popular quotes are given here that you can use now by copying.

  1. Something better is waiting for you.
  2. Just make money. Girls will follow automatically.
  3. Stop increasing social media followers. Try to spend time for increasing money in the bank.
  4. I do not need any pictures on my profile. Because I’m a brand.
  5. Make relations with good people for a heavy life.
  6. Keep remembering that great things take time.
  7. Without money, you are nothing actually.
  8. If the opportunity doesn’t knock on the door, then make the door immediately.
  9. Since life is too much short, so keep enjoying.
  10. Don’t be upset if will you fail. Keep trying until getting success.

Cool Bio For Facebook

The given texts are only for the coolest men and women. Also, you can share these for your Facebook feed.

  1. I’m so much colder than ice.
  2. Love is cool until start the pain chapter.
  3. Stay single and do whatever you like.
  4. Neighbor Aunty is an undeclared detective.
  5. Life is beautiful until you get married.
  6. You are visiting the coolest person’s profile now.
  7. Get out when you have finished viewing the profile.
  8. Hello there, welcome to the coolest person’s diary.
  9. My dream is as big as the sky.
  10. Anger hurts me, so I keep quiet everywhere.

Good Bio For Facebook

There are some good FB bio examples. You can copy them and use them for yourself.

  1. I am the person whose profile you are currently in.
  2. Get lost before I’m angry.
  3. You can find better than me. But you will not find someone who will not cheat with you.
  4. Welcome to my complex world.
  5. I love to see dreams in my sleep of whole my life.
  6. Men know how to cry. But just they don’t love to show like girls.
  7. If you cheat with me, I will destroy all my love.
  8. People usually like to waste time in useless places. Such as on Facebook.
  9. My mom knows I’m the prince/princess of her world.
  10. There is no such thing as love in the world, everything is feelings.

Facebook Bio Generator

The FB bio generating tool coming soon here.

So, for now, I suggest you use the above bio for yourself. All text is unique, which you won’t find anywhere else, and is completely free to use. You will also be able to use all these bios on your Instagram at the same time.


Although nothing happens with just a hundred words to describe feelings. But if we want, we can write our identity, profile quotes, or anything important in the Facebook bio option.

Since many guys do not like to keep only one bio in their profile for a long time, they can bookmark this article if they want. Just come to this article, copy your favorite Facebook profile bio, and paste it into your FB timeline or Facebook page.