How To Find Hidden Apps On Boyfriend’s Phone

If you have doubts about your BF and also want to know how to find hidden apps on boyfriend’s phone faster for catching him, you are in the right place. Because you are now going to learn how to get those applications without any hassle.


Most of the time it is seen that people hide their apps, games, videos, photos, and other files on the Calculator Lock application so that when another user picks up the phone,s/he thinks it is just a calculator and finds no lock system.

Most likely your boyfriend did exactly the same thing.

But there is no reason to worry about this thing. Because, from below, you will get exact 2 ways or methods to find those hidden apps completely free. So, if he really hides, you can easily catch him and be able to ask for the exact reason.


Find Hidden Apps On Boyfriend’s Phone

Let’s take a look at the first method.

First of all, we will see if there are any locking apps on his Android or iOS smartphone and if so how to find hidden apps or other files from it without getting extra problems.

By the way, let’s get started now.

1st Step: Take his phone and search if he has more than one calculator app.

2nd Step: If so, hold on to the app and see if it can be uninstalled.

3rd Step: If it goes, it means it is a locker. So, open the app.

4th Step: Give wrong PIN or digit number continuously.

5th Step: Uninstall it after that.

That’s it, now you will get all the hidden applications or others in the phone home bar.

Let’s see the second method now,

1st Step: Take his phone and go to the Settings.

2nd Step: Scroll down and Tap the Apps section.

3rd Step: Click on the Manage Apps button.

4th Step: Now check if there are any apps that are not visible in the home bar. If there is, it means that your boyfriend has hidden that app from you.

That’s it, using the method you can easily discover all the hidden applications.

Final Word

Finally, you’ve learned how to find hidden apps on boyfriend’s phone.

A relationship survives primarily because of trust. But if you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you and hiding various apps such as WhatsApp, IMO, Viber, or others for fear of getting caught, you should sit down with him and discuss this issue.

Hope, your relationship will be happy.