How To Flash Realme Phone [100% Working Method]

We will discuss in today’s tutorial that how to flash Realme phone easily.


Mainly we want to flash when there is a major problem with our device, when the phone has got locked, or to refresh the phone. In most cases when there is a big problem with the mobile, we flash the phone.

This makes the phone as new as ever.

A few things are needed to flash. Notable among these is the flash tool.


What Is Flash Tool

The Realme flash tool will help you to upgrade/downgrade (Ex: Android 10 to Android 9 to Android 10) your phone. Or by flashing you can also downgrade Realme UI or ColorOS version. Also, you can switch Custom ROM to Stock ROM by using this flash file.


Since we need a number of things, so take the below things and sit down.

  • Realme device with 60%+ charges
  • A USB Cable
  • Your/friend’s Windows PC/Mac
  • Realme Flash file
  • Official Realme UI package

If you have the above things, let’s go to the next.

Read Before Flash

Read the disclaimer carefully.

  • All personal data will be erased
  • First, unlock the device bootloader
  • Make sure that fastboot mode is available
  • Use original and official Realme flash file
  • This tutorial is supported for any device

The most interesting part is that if you use the official file, then it will not harm your warranty.

How To Flash Realme

We have come to the main part of this tutorial. So I would recommend you to follow each step very carefully and apply it to flash your device. Remember, any kind of mistake can cause a lot of damage to the phone.

Step 1: Since all the data will erase, so take a backup first.

Step 2: Unlock the phone bootloader if not unlocked yet.

Step 3: Download the Realme flash tool on your PC and install it.

Step 4: Now download the history package according to your phone model to your PC.

Step 5: Power off your phone. Now press the “Power + Volume Down” button together until the “FastBoot Mode” option comes up.

Step 6: Connect the mobile to the Windows PC or Mac with the USB cable.

Step 7: Open the flash tool which you have downloaded.

Step 8: Press the “Browse” option and select the Realme UI history package. And click on the “Loading device” option.

Step 9: A pop up “confirm to start flashing” message will come on the screen. Just tap on the “Confirm” button to staring flashing your Realme device.

Step 10: Now wait until the task is fully complete.

At some point, your phone will flash completely successfully.


Hopefully, you have now learned how to flash Realme device with 100% success. And be sure to bookmark this article on your browser or notepad. Because this guide may be needed again in the near future.

Personally, I do not recommend you to flash unless you are an expert.

BTW, comment here if you have any confusion.