GCam APK Download v8.3 For Android Device

GCam APK is the most featured, popular, and functional camera application developed by Google LLC. Pixel smartphone users can easily use this Android application on their mobile devices.


But users of other companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, Symphony, Vivo, Blackberry, Lenovo, HP, etc. cannot use the GCam app.

But the latest version of this camera app is capable of running on any brand mobile smartphone. Just you have to download GCam latest version from below for any Android phone.

And use it to capture amazing photos.

NameGCam (Google Camera)
Current Versionv 8.3
Size134 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.1 or above
TasksTake photos
Released16 Nov 2021

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This photography app is currently very popular with all photo lovers. So popular that so far millions of users are using this app on their mobile phones. Another name of this app is Google Camera.

GCam APK Features

Some of the features you will enjoy that are mentioned below,

Astrophotography: Astrophotography is a very amazing thing which is why people are using this photography app on their Android. By using this feature, you can easily take pictures of the Milky Way.

Tracking focus: In no previous version could the tracking be stopped or removed. However, a disable option has been added to the latest version. Through which users can easily disable tracking focus.

Improved colors: This feature will definitely impress you if you use GCam for Xiaomi smartphones. The color option has been greatly improved to enhance the beauty of the image.

Dual exposure controls: Added the dual exposure controls in the function of this GCam app for adjusting the brightness and HDR for photos. It will help to make the quality full photos.

Touch and hold: For capturing Top Shot photos, Google added the touch and hold features in this mobile app. You can capture photos in the default camera by using the shutter button.

Synthetic fill flash: In the normal version, users usually cannot remove the fill flash. But in the latest GCam application, users can easily disable Synthetic fill flash. The disable option has been added to this version.

Google Camera Review

Only astrology is my favorite subject than thousands of other subjects.

But because I didn’t have a telescope, I couldn’t see the moon, the sun, the stars, or the Milky Way. That’s why I decided to look for an astrophotography camera so that I could easily use it on my Android without any problems.

And I got an app called GCam very quickly. I download and install it on my device. And finally, I was able to take pictures of the Milky Way Galaxy as I wished. But a few settings have to be adjusted for astrophotography.

That is why I watched the tutorial from YouTube for my phone and set it accordingly. Only then have I been able to take HD-quality pictures of the Sky. However, I am saying a default setting now, which you can use in the GCam camera.

At first, you have to enable “camera.cuttle.darken”, “camera.cuttle.extended”, “camera.cuttle.extended_iterable_burst” option from the developer menu.Exit it and select Night Sight Mode and go to the settings.

Now set the timer to 3 seconds long. That’s enough. Now capture anything from the sky. And yes, keep in mind that when you take pictures of the Milky Way, this GCam app will take some time to capture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some popular questions answered,

How to install GCam?

Just go to the above and download the latest version now. And yes, you can install this photography application on any type of Android device.

How to install Google Camera without root?

We have shared the non-root version above. That means you don’t have to root the phone with KingRoot to use this app.

Is GCam safe?

This Android camera app is 100% safe to use. Even, it’s also legal.


Hope, you have already downloaded the GCam APK to your phone.

Every phone has a default camera, but people prefer to use this Google Camera on their devices. Because it has all the amazing and best features. But so far this app could only be used by Pixel users.

But from now on users of any phone will be able to use it. However, wait,

The developer of the latest application has confirmed that this camera Android app will not work on Snapdragon 845 smartphones and some Samsung and OnePlus devices.