Contact Google AdSense Expert For Your Problem

Today I’m writing about AdSense expert here.


If you are facing problems with your publisher’s account or don’t get approval from this ad network and do not find the solution about it anywhere, then you will love this article.

I’m going to cover some topics.

Why You Don’t Get AdSense Approval

First, you have to check that is your site broke the official AdSense program policy or not. Most of the time they do not allow ads on that site, where it will be harmful to people.


Some of the reasons are shared below.

  • Illegal or dangerous content
  • Enabling dishonest behavior
  • Content about piracy software, movies or anything
  • Sexually explicit content
  • And more

If your site has content of this type, it is certain that you will not receive approval. Your site has to must match with their policy. But even if you do not get approved after the matching and do not understand why Google does not approve your site.

In that case, an expert will be required. And an expert will help you to get easy approval on your website.

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Why CPC Is Low

There may be several reasons for the lower CPC. Because of this, the income at the end of the month is very low. But why it’s low, did you know?

Let’s read from below.

  • You targeted low CPC keywords
  • Visitors coming from Tier 3/4 countries
  • Niche or website topics are not related to direct pocket money

There are many other reasons for the lower CPC.

In this case, you can use Ezoic tool if you want. Personally, I am using it on my AdSense based site. And yes as before only around $200/m was coming from AdSense, now using this Ezoic tool makes $500/m.

So boost your income now or hire an expert to do this work for you.

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Problem About Managing AdSense Account

Different types of tests have to be done through Ads to grow income always from AdSense. If you do not know how to do this or if you don’t have enough time to manage your account, you can hire a google AdSense specialist.

In this case, specialist will perform the following tasks very efficiently.

  • Check performance weekly
  • Modify ads size, colors, etc for boosting earning
  • Fix ads.txt problem and the number of ads you can show has been limited problem
  • Keep regular maintenance.
  • Free advice that works

After hiring, sit back and see the magic.

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Many publishers facing a problem with PIN verification, bank statement, or any payment type. Despite having $100 or a threshold in the account, many are not able to withdraw payment due to some problems.

Since I don’t know where your problem is now, I am not giving you the right solution through this article. But if your problem is major about payment, you should hire an expert for you.

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How Can I Contact Google AdSense Team

In below, I have shared a tutorial that how to contact with official Google AdSense team. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Go here and fill the form correctly.
  2. Recheck and submit it.

Keep in mind before contacting them, there is no guarantee that whether they will reply to you or not or fix your problem or for fixing how long it will take.

So I recommend contact with an unofficial Google AdSense expert to do fix your problem as soon. In that case, an expert will be required. And an expert will help you to get easy approval on your website.

>>>Hire an AdSense Guru<<<


As much as Google supports their advertisers, not that much support to their publishers. It’s sad but true. This is why even though publishers are in danger of having different types of accounts, no one can provide the right solution.

As a result, to ask forums for support or a close friend for help. They suffer from depression when a problem is not resolved. So my advice is to hire an expert for any problem.

Any confusion or something else, comment here.