Love Button Is Now Available On Google Discover Feed

The Love button is now available on Google discover feed for Android users.

Google almost always redesigns the button of stories in Discover. For example, at first it was just a slider, then redesigned to make it an actual binary slider.

And now it has been converted to the like Heart icon. Surely this button will be converted to something else later.

Once the user sees the stories in Google discover feed, the icon in the story will be white love, and when the button is pressed, the button will turn red love.

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You will also see exactly how many users have liked a story. One person who got the heart feature wrote on Twitter,

However, a user on this tweet said that this thing is useless.

The home bar of the Android smartphone basically has an option called the Google search bar. Clicking on the search bar will get you the Discover option.

From there you will be able to give a love reaction to any story.

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If you haven’t yet got this Love react feature, go to the Google Play Store now. Find the official app called Google and update the app.

Now go to Discover again, you can give heart and you can see the total number of love reactions.

Also this Google app will help you find nearby shops and restaurants,  live sports scores and schedules, movie times and reviews, news, weather updates, and more.