Get Latest Reviews, Photos In Google Maps Community Feed

The Google Maps community feed feature can now be enjoyed on Android and iPhone mobile.

This feature helps users to get the latest reviews, photos, and posts about the foods, places, shops, or anything. All things will be coming from the local experts and trusted local sources.

For example, suppose there is a restaurant nearby you. And just added a new food item from the restaurant which is your very favorite.

So now, by using the Google Maps community feed you will get the latest updates of the offer of that desired food, which time it will available, trusted reviews and photos etc.

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Let’s look at another example.

Suppose there is a very beautiful place somewhere around you.

But you didn’t know it or couldn’t know due to lack of time. But by using this community feed you can know the latest reviews of that place.

You will also be able to know exactly how far it from your current location, and how long it will take to get there.

Users can also follow their favorite local guides, restaurants, shopping malls, or any other favorite places. Also users will be able to like stories from the latest feed updates.

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All in all, it will help you to get the latest updates.

Because this feature did not exist before, people couldn’t taste the latest things. But Google has now made this Maps community feed feature available to all users around the world.

You can easily stay connected with the latest updates using your Android or iOS device.