Google Photos APK Download V5.84.0 for Android

Google Photos is an app for your Android phone that makes it easy to bring your images to life in meaningful ways. With this app, you can store, organize and search your photos and videos, share them with others, and create fun memories.


Google Photos automatically groups your pictures and videos into moments, so you can easily search and find just what you’re looking for. It also creates movies, collages, animations, and more from your photos. And it’s free to download.

The service allows users to upload, store and share photos and videos. All of the images are stored and organized in Google Photos, where they can be accessed, edited, shared and used in other apps.

NameGoogle Photos
Current VersionV5.84.0
Release DateMay 28, 2015

Main Features of the Google Photos App

  • Organize your photos and videos: Automatically organized by people, places, things and more.
  • Create fun memories: Create animations, collages, movies and more.
  • Share your photos and videos: Share your favourite photos with anyone, at any time.
  • Safe and secure: Your photos and videos are private. Only you can see and access them.
  • Free up space on your phone: Images are safely stored and organized here.
  • Share your favourite photos as videos, GIFs, and even as a mini-movie.
  • Automatically creates panoramas, dynamic photos and more from your favourite photos.
  • Find photos faster with Search which gets better over time.

Download the APK Version

It is a Google app that makes it easy to store, search, and share all images and videos you take on your Android device or from the Google Photos website. You can even download its APK Version from here.


Google Photos is a great app made for the way you’re taking pictures today. It’s a place for all of your photos and videos, whether they’re taken with your Pixel camera, your iPhone, the camera from a few years ago or the camera that’s yet to be invented. It’s built around the photos and videos you take, not the devices you take them with.

You don’t have to think about where your photos are or which device you used to take them. And your photos are safe and secure, private to you unless you choose to share them. When you sign up for Google Photos, you can keep your existing images and videos or upload new ones from your phone. There are some other apps like Google photos such as Google lens or Google Go.

You can also add photos and videos you find online. The Google Photos app automatically puts your images and videos into albums that make sense so you can find them fast, without having to think about the best place to put a certain photo.


Google Photos offers free storage for high-quality pictures and videos uploaded from a smartphone or tablet. They can also be backed up from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other services, and users can purchase additional storage for videos and images.

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