Google Play Store Pro APK Download v27.5.16 For Android

Google Play Store Pro APK is such an App Market where that has lots of apps, games, music, books, movies, and TV shows for service to Android users. It gives services to more than 1 billion active users per month.


This Google Play Store Pro Android application and game market offer both premium and regular quality apps. For premium apps, users need to pay money but regular apps are free to use.

This digital distribution service app is pre-installed on every Android device. But it can be possible to download Google Play Store Pro latest version from below to SD card or internal memory.

They ensure strong regulation to prevent malware or virus from attacking users.

NameGoogle Play Store
Current Versionv 27.5.16
Size23.1 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.1 or above
TasksApps & Games store
Released13 Nov 2021

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It is open-source to the developers. A huge number of freelance developers and companies work for them as they get a good deal from them and so it is enriched and the most popular app store of the era.

The best thing about the Play Store premium is its rules and regulation. They keep their rules simple so that a developer feels comfortable working with them. It is similar to the Aurora Store, Moddroid, and Yalp Store.

Google Play Store Pro Features

Enriched library: It has a huge library according to categories. From these 3.5 million apps, users can easily find and install games, applications, movies, songs, etc.

Search bar: This Google Play Store app store has its own search engine. Anyone can easily search and install any app by any keyword. It saves the user time and energy.

User-friendly UI: It has an easy and simple user interface that creates a user-friendly environment for any user.

Quick update: Anyone can update their pre-installed applications or games very easily and quickly.

Keeping track: Play Store Pro app keeps track of all the files installed by its user. One can check and update their installed items using the My App service.

Security: This digital distribution is very concerned about the security of its users. Google Play always works to ensure it and an app comes in their store after being checked several times.

Review Section: The user can check and give a review of any items in this Android app store.

Payment gateway: Play Store offers more than 130 countries to pay in their local currency. This makes the user’s life easy and they can get the premium quality of application without taking any hassle.

Google Play Review

It is a common and pre-installed app almost for every Android user. In my opinion, it is one of the reasons for loving Android OS.

The latest Google Play Store Pro application is very easy to use and it gives a good download speed. Maintaining good security is also a mandatory service on my priority list and it also maintains security.

Even there is an option to check and give a review for any app. The review is very important to me as I always search for the review before downloading anything. It saves valuable time and data also.

The most favorite part of the Play Store app is the video trial. I can get a clear and visual idea of any application or game before downloading. It is easy to use and it always keeps me updated by notifying me.


It is a very prominent market for Android users. It can be considered as a platform more strongly than an application. Without any doubt, this is far away from an application.

The total market of Android is heavily biased on this Google Play Store Pro APK. Google gives the fun of using Android as they offer a maximum of their apps and games free to the user.

Other OS have to offer some for free to compete in the market but they still could not touch the position of Android just because of this app. It can be used in Android, Android TV, Wear OS, Chrome OS, and Web.