Google Short Videos Are Showing In Mobile Searches

Google short videos have been showing on mobile searches.

When a user enters the Google app from their mobile device and searches by typing something, then along with the search results, Google is now showing short videos from TikTok and Instagram.

This search engine only has shown short videos from YouTube in April 2020.

But now not only YouTube, Google is giving space on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) for TikTok and Instagram Reels short videos. A picture is added below for ease of understanding,

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

But Google short videos feature is still not available for every search query.

Saad AK, a Twitter account holder, tweeted,

In a reply to this tweet, a woman named Cindy Krum says that I have never seen this before. Also, more Internet users say that they are not getting this feature in the Google Discover feed yet.

The main reason they don’t get this feature is that Google hasn’t rolled it out to the full world yet. But soon it will be rolled out all over the world and then everyone will be able to enjoy this feature.

This feature of the tech giant became the subject of heated discussion before it was fully published.

One person has very upset and wrote on social media that,

Snapchat, then Instagram, then Twitter, then YouTube, and now my search. Who even wants stories?

One of them replied that all this is mainly for teenagers.

But whether the Google short videos feature will work for anyone, or whether it will benefit people, nothing can be said about that yet. However, it’s expected that this feature will become useful.