Grammarly Chrome Extension Review | Free Download Now

Now you are going to read the latest Grammarly Chrome extension review from here. Most of the writers and bloggers use this tool on their laptops or desktop to make a sentence great.


I even use it so that if I make mistakes in any sentence while writing or posting an article, I get it in my eyes. Grammarly helps me to make a great and stylish sentences.

If you are a writer or a blogger and English is not your native language, then I recommend you use this extension now. It provides many benefits to non-professional writers.

Some features are given below,

  • Correct sentence punctuation
  • Helps to check grammar of any sentence
  • Check to spell and mark it in red underline for correction
  • Plagiarism checker help to find plagiarism in your text
  • Free Google Chrome extension

When you write something from inside the Chrome browser (WordPress, Blogger, Social Media, Notepad, or anywhere), Grammarly will keep an eye on your writing and will give you a warning for solving if something goes wrong.

>>> Grammarly Chrome Extension <<<

How To Install Grammarly Chrome Extension

Have to do some work to install it properly in Google Chrome. So follow the steps below with all your mind.

Step 1: Go here and press the “Add to Chrome” button.

grammarly chrome extension

Step 2: Once installed, click on Grammarly extension from the extension bar on the right. And again click on the “SIGN UP It’s free” button.

sign up

Step 3: Here you have to create a free account. So put your email and hit the arrow button and after give a password and name and tap the “Sign Up” button.

Or you can continue signing up through Facebook or Google account directly.

create a free account

Step 4: You can skip this process here.


Done, exit the tab button, and go back to your writing platform. The browser extension is totally free and has no hidden charges. They also have a paid plan that you can use to getting extra features.

Grammarly Premium Features

If you are satisfied with the free version, then I recommend you use a paid version now. Even I also use it.

  • Readability Checker
  • AdvancedPlagiarism Detector
  • Vocabulary Suggestions
  • Integrate to Microsoft Office
  • Get Performance Stats via Email

And many amazing features are available in the premium version.

How Much Does It Cost

They provide now 3 pricing plans for users.

  • Annual Plan: $139.95 for 1 year. Be charged as an $ 11.66/month bill. (Recommend)
  • Quarterly Plan: $59.95 for every 3 months. Be charged as an $19.98/month bill.
  • Monthly Plan: $29.95 for only 1 month.

Since the Annual Plan saves a lot of money, so I recommend you purchase this plan.

Can Grammarly be trusted?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and we can trust it. But if you still have any doubts, you can disable the extension before inputting the data in sensitive places.


Manual check is the best way to correct any sentence from mistakes. But for many, because English is not a native language, it is no longer done. Or many words may be wrong for typing too quickly that we may not notice.

In that case, I find this extension useful enough. That’s why I shared my own and real Grammarly Chrome extension review here. Confusion or something else about it, comment now.