GSM Fix Fortnite APK Download v12.60.0-1 For Android

GSM Fix Fortnite APK is a tool, with which you can play the Fortnite game on an unsupported device easily. Currently, lots of people are using Android phones. Most of the time, they use a lower version of Android.


That’s why they can’t play Fortnite game because this mobile game doesn’t support the lower version. Due to which they suffer from depression and look for other online games to play.

But now there is no reason to worry about it.

Cause the GSM Fix Fortnite latest version will help you play this game on any type of Android version for free. So, download it from below completely free to your mobile phone.

NameGSM Fix Fortnite
Current Versionv 12.60.0-1
Size148 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
TasksOnline tool
DeveloperEpic Games
Released7 Nov 2021

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Solved the unsupported device problem using this tool.

GSM Fix Fortnite Features

Free download: An unofficial developer has developed this app for those who have less version of Android and who want to play Fortnite game on their phone. Although the tool’s activities are premium, you will be able to download it for free from above.

Easy to use: The new version of the latest GSM Fix Fortnite is very nice and user-friendly. However, the old version also has a very nice interface. But, the design of the app has been made easier for the users so that a new user can use the app very easily.

VPN available: This Android application has a VPN option. If the Fortnite game does not support your country, you can easily play the game by connecting to the VPN of this tool.

Supported Android devices: Even if your Android version is 1.1, or 2.2, or 4.4, or any other version, you still have no reason to worry. Cause, if you use this GSM tool, you can easily play the game on an unsupported device.

Fix device not supported error: In the latest version of the GSM Fix Fortnite APK, the device not supported error problem has been fixed.

Auto-update: When a new version or update of this tool will come, then you do not have to bother to download a new version. Cause you can update it from the inside of the tool to the latest version.

No root required: It is common to see that any type of tool requires a rooted phone. But the funny thing is, if you use this Fortnite installer tool, you don’t have to root your phone. This app is a non-rooted app.

GSM Fix Fortnite Review

I have an Android phone with version 4.4, KitKat.

However, I always play the Fortnite game on my iPhone. When my iPhone crash, I went to install the game on my Android phone to play. But unfortunately, it was not installed, and an error was showing up every time.

The matter was extremely annoying. And I keep trying to find a solution online.

After a long while, I found the GSM Fix Fornite tool. As a result, I immediately downloaded and installed it on my phone. Using this tool I was able to play the Fortnite game very easily. Right at that moment, I was having a lot of fun.

And the interesting fact is that still I play this mobile game using this GSM installer.


More than 350 million people are playing Fortnite game on their devices.

Again many people are not able to play this mobile game on their devices for unsupported devices. And if you are one of them, it is recommended to use the GSM Fix Fortnite APK today. It is good to say that the app is only for Android users.

However, an iOS version of this tool is coming in the future.