GTA 6 APK Download v2.8 For Android Mobile

GTA 6 APK is the latest version of the Grand Theft Auto game series. This mobile game has multiple chapters with awesome graphics. Players can get lots of weapons, vehicles, houses, night club, and many more things.


The plot of this Grand Theft Auto 6 game will help attract people.

This GTA 6 game has been developed for game lovers in its sequel. By playing this game, you will be able to spend your free time and socialize with other gamers at the same time also.

By the way, you can download GTA 6 latest version from here to your mobile.

NameGTA 6
Current Versionv 2.8
Size47.6 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
TasksEntertainment game
DeveloperRockstar Games
Released16 Nov 2021

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And get lost in the world of countless missions right now.

GTA 6 Features

Multiple stories: This GTA 6 game is made up of more than one story. It has thrilling, adventurous, terrifying, and thriller stories. All stories are unique and those will give you that level of gaming experience.

Characters: As always, there is the main character in this game. That is, the character you will play for. You will also be associated with many more types of characters for the sake of missions.

Location: Several American cities exist in this game. However, in addition to the United States, several cities from other countries have been added here. That includes London, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, ​Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, etc

Map: You will get around the map on the screen where you can see your location, weapons shop, mission, the roadmap of any place, etc. Also, you can place the map anywhere you want on the screen. This feature is present in all games of the GTA series.

Weapons: You’ll be able to buy or steal weapons if you want, or you can take them from anywhere. And with all those weapons you can give your own protection from enemies. The GTA 6 APK has a lot of sophisticated weapons, which you will love.

Vehicles: In addition to the latest motorcycles, state-of-the-art cars, helicopters, trains, speed boats, ships, trucks, and there are many more types of vehicles. You can tour the whole city with any vehicle you want.

Graphics: The best graphics have been used in this action game. All the characters, places, cars, or anything else seem realistic. For those who want to play awesome graphic games, this game will be the best.

In a word, it will take you to that childhood.

This Grand Theft Auto 6 game can be played on Android mobile, Windows PC, PS4, iOS, Xbox, macOS, Fire OS, etc.

GTA 6 APK Review

All my friends and family members know that I’m a big fan of the GTA series.

I have been playing games of this series on my PC since I was a child. My favorite was the GTA Vice City game. No day, no night, I used to sit on a PC all the time and play games. Simply put, I was fascinated by all the great characters, graphics, etc of the game.

When I heard that the game is new in the market. Just then I downloaded and installed the game on my Android phone. It’s amazing graphics and I was completely amazed to see the mission of the game.

In a word, it’s great. There is a wonderful plot that will fill your mind with happiness. If you still haven’t played the latest version of the GTA 6 game, download it from above and start playing.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer

Watch the trailer before playing this adventure game,


More than 50 million people play GTA series games.

The GTA San Andreas game was the last game in the Grand Theft Auto series that was released in 2013. After a long gap, Rockstar Games developed the GTA 6 APK and made it available to the public.

You can play the game on your PC or Android phone if you want.

The awesome graphics of the game will give you a thrilling adventure.