GTA 7 APK Download v1.3.4 For Android Device

GTA 7 APK is a mobile game that is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows. Now it’s available for Android devices also. Basically, everyone used to play the game on PC before.


But as its popularity grew day by day, the developers and publishers of the game decided to release a mobile version. And since then, Android users have been able to play GTA VII on their smartphones.

So, download GTA 7 latest version now to play on your device.

Most of the people love to play the GTA series games on their Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. This is why if you want to take a different level of the game, play it now.

Current Versionv 1.3.4
Size260 MB
RequirementAndroid 7.0 or up
TasksMission game
DeveloperRockstar Games
Released2 Nov 2021

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And get lost in the world of one gangster.

This action and adventure game has all the latest graphics.

The game also has a large number of weapons including a large number of cars, motorcycles, helicopters. When a player plays the Grand Theft Auto 7 game, he/she will be able to enjoy these features.

Features of GTA 7 APK

This Grand Theft Auto 7 game has a lot more features and graphics than the other versions. Its developers have used advanced technology in it, keeping in mind the users, so that a gamer can enjoy playing it.

Some of the best features of this game has been shared below,

  • Easy to play and has amazing graphics
  • Lots of cars, bikes, helicopters, and other vehicles are available
  • Players can buy weapons to use in the whole game
  • Bank robbery and weapons store robbery are still here
  • Lots of missions have to complete to finish the game
  • Make money and buy your favorite things
  • Support on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

To enjoy more features, you’ve to play this game right now.

GTA 7 Requirements

If you want to play the game, you have to accept some requirements. Usually, Windows PC, Mac, or iPhone or iPad also have this type of requirement. However, here you will find only the requirements of Android phones.

So, find out what it takes to play it.

  • Android version 5 +
  • 3GB RAM
  • 2GB free space
  • WiFi Internet connection

That’s it. It doesn’t take anything else.

How To Download GTA 7 Game

Let’s learn how to download and install this game on Android for free,

1st Step: Enable the Unknown Source option from Settings and download GTA 7 APK from above.

2nd Step: Open the file from your Storage and hit the install button.

3rd Step: After installed, launch the game from the phone home bar.

4th Step: A new pop-up window will appear to download the OBB file. So, click on it.

5th Step: Once everything is done, restart the game.

That’s it. Now, you can play this mobile game on your device easily.

GTA 7 is the seventh number series of the Rockstar Games series. Earlier, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 6 games, or other games were created, which people used to play in large numbers.

That’s why developers have developed it for the needs of users.


Hopefully, you have downloaded the GTA 7 APK from above and installed it.

Since the game has a lot of features and graphics, it is hoped that you will enjoy playing the action and adventure game a lot on your Android or iOS smartphone. If you like its gameplay, you may share this with your social media friends.

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