Hibernator APK Download v2.22.4 For Android

Generally, different applications and functions of mobile phones eat up the battery charge. Users sometimes get worried about their battery charge as presently they massively rely on mobile for their personal, professional, and business.


In this circumstance, people search for an alternative option to save their mobile charge. The Hibernator app is such a tool to help you in this regard. It is a wonderful application that hibernates your active apps and functions when the screen is turned off.

As a result, the Hibernator application saves battery power and improves the performance of Android.

It also helps to consume fewer resources and battery charges from your device and extend your battery life. Hibernator latest version is a free app. You don’t need to pay for installing and running the app. Besides, it is safe and secure for Android and smartphone users.


It doesn’t carry any virus or threat that affects your device. Moreover, it is a 100% legal application. It followed all international rules and regulations to set up the app. Therefore, you don’t feel worried about the security and legality.

Current Versionv 2.22.4
Size7.2 MB
Released19 Feb 2022

Just, install it. You don’t face any kind of hassle.

Necessary Features and Functions

  • Prolong the battery life of your device
  • Helping to work long hours by your mobile
  • Automatically closing and opening the functions, apps, and games that are available on your device
  • Giving status how much battery charge left and run out
  • Set which apps and functions run which time
  • Set time duration that how much time the existing functions run and off
  • Optimize and speed up your phone
  • Keep lightening and reducing the burden of your mobile memory to Hibernate unnecessary functions
  • A lightweight app that helps to keep your Android speed high as it doesn’t occupy huge storage of your mobile memory.

Many more features will be added here in the future.

How To Download Hibernator For Android

This mobile application is very easy to download and install. But if you do not know how to get this mobile application on your Android mobile, don’t worry about it anymore. Because a guide already has been shared in the below for you.

Let’s learn now how to get this application easily for a device.

Step 1: Navigate the Android Phone Settings and search for the Unknown Sources option.

Step 2: Once you get it, enable this option for installing third-party applications (which are downloaded from outside of the Play Store) on your mobile.

Step 3: Now, you have to download Hibernator APK on your Android mobile from here for the latest version.

Step 4: Once the file download is complete, open the downloaded file from your Internal Storage or External Storage.

Step 5: Tap on the Install button for the next progress.

Step 6: Since the file install will take some time to install, please wait a while for it.

Step 7: Launch the application now from your mobile home bar for using it for free.

That’s cool.

Now, by following the same process, download and install this application.


Finally, you have read the whole review.

Overall, the Hibernator APK is a great battery management method to save your battery charge. So, you can choose the app for your convenience. Using this mobile application, you will be able to know how much RAM your smartphone is using.

So, use the application now for your convenience.