How To Change Instagram To Business Account On Desktop

Learn how to change Instagram to business account on desktop or laptop. Normally those who are involved in the work of different types of brands, want to use a business account.


A professional account has many more amazing features than a normal account. These accounts are great for bloggers, influencers, consultants, photographers, bloggers, e-commerce brands, service and more.

Anyway, Today I will show you exactly how to convert a personal Instagram account to a business account. I have even used this method for myself too. So let’s get started,

How To Change Instagram To Business Account On Desktop

Most people using an Instagram personal account for enjoying their free time.


But you can’t enjoy too many features on your personal account. But a business account has a lot of advantages. Especially for those who are businessmen, it is very important to use a business account. Now let’s see how to switch.

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks software or any Android emulator on your PC.

Step 2: Now install the Instagram application in this emulator software.

Step 3: After installing open this social media.

Step 4: Go to your profile and click on the tab button from the right corner.

Step 5: Tap the settings option and go to your account.

Step 6: Simply just clicks on the “Switch to Professional Account” button.

Step 7: Press the business button for converting.

Everything is done. Now you can fill up your every business information on this social media platform. Remember also that unfortunately you will not able to convert your account to business directly through using any computer.

So you have to use the above method like me.

Personal Account vs Business Account

Both versions have many advantages and disadvantages.

In my opinion, there are many more advantages than disadvantages to business accounts. From a business account, get a contact, address, analytics followers, and ads capabilities option for free that’s not available on a personal account.

If you love to share your travel photos, makeup photos, fashion photos, etc for fun only, you can go ahead with just a personal account.


As a blogger and businessman, I occasionally need to share different types of pictures related to my business. This is why a few days ago I created a Pinterest account and Instagram account.

Since I using a computer for creating these accounts, that’s why above I shared my exact method that how to change Instagram to business account on desktop.