Instagram Reels Can Be Used To Create Short Videos

Instagram Reels is a new feature that helps users create short videos and watch other videos.

You can make 15-second funny, emotion, or any type of short clips by using this feature. There are various tools including audio, video effects, and some new creative tools for editing short videos.

After creating a video perfectly, you can share the video with your followers if your account is private. And if your account is public, then you can share your video in the explore section.

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Many types of features have been added to Instagram Reels. Some are mentioned below,

Free Effects: Lots of effects are available here. A variety of effects can be used to make a video interesting and glamorous.

Copyright Free Music: Song for videos can be used from the Instagram music library. You will also be able to add songs from your Internal storage or SD card to Reels video.

Video Speed: Make videos as fast or as slow as you like. It will help you to get the feel of cinematic.

Countdown: After selecting the countdown, when you will start the record for the clip, you will see 3 2 1 countdown.

Sharing: From a private account, share videos with only followers. And from the public account, share videos to dedicated space in Explore.

# How To Make Instagram Reels

There is a way to make Instagram reels from Android or iOS devices.

Step 1: Open the Instagram application from your smartphone.

Step 2: Press the camera icon (Stories Camera) from the top left corner. Now tap the Reels button from the bottom.

Step 3: Now you have to choose favorite Audio, select video Speed, Effects, and set the Timer.

Step 4: Hold down the record button to capture the clip.

Step 5: Add thumbnail and share with people.

If the Reels option is not available in your Instagram application, then you can update the app from Play Store.

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If you do not get this feature even after updating the app, most likely this feature is not yet available in your country.

Many users have already complained that this Instagram Reels feature is completely like TikTok. However, the Instagram authorities have not yet said anything about this.