Instavast Review | My Worst Experience About This Insta Bot

Please read the whole Instavast review now before using this Instagram bot tool. I had several digital products, but I didn’t have much time to promote them. I look for different platforms to see which platform would be best for me.


And after spending 20 minutes I realized that there is one social media that can help me for promotion and also can save time. It’s Instagram and I decided to go with it. Since there are plenty of automation tools for Instagram that will help you increase both likes and followers, I also decided to use one of the tools.

I bought a paid version after reading lots of good discussion posts about the Instavast tool. But the results of this tool have disappointed me a lot. Let’s read now the Instavast review from below,

What Is Instavast

Instavast is an Instagram bot tool that automates your likes, comments, follow/unfollow, DM and posting, etc on your account. Although there are many types of bot extensions, this tool basically provides web-based services.


This tool will help you to boost followers, content likes, and engagement. All you have to do is create a high-quality image for this social media and the rest of the work will be done by this Instavast automation itself.

They also have an analytics dashboard to show you reports.

Instavast Features

Their features were really good, I admit. I shared below some of the unique and most desired features. If you are interested to know about the features of this tool, you can read all them below.

  • Schedule your images
  • Instagram hashtag generator
  • Manage your business account
  • Get statistics and analytics
  • Add unlimited accounts
  • Use Instagram downloader
  • 100% privacy and safety (not sure yet)

Among the above features, the Instagram photo downloader and the hashtag generator are completely free. This means that you can use these two features for yourself without a subscription.

How To Use

Since this tool consists of a combination of many features, there are different options for using each feature. For example, if you go to the Post Schedule option, you will see that all the options are clear.

Just you have to enable the post Schedule option and select time and pictures. In the same way, you will be able to use all the other features. Personally, I used 3 features (Instagram Post Schedule, Statistics and Analytics, and Instagram Hashtag Generator) from this tool.

Maybe that was enough for me. However, you can try all the features that you need.

Is Instavast Safe?

They said it’s fully safe to use on your desktop or laptop and also said that they will not leak your privacy or any kind of sensitive information. This is why nobody realizes that you are using their app.

But I have a little confusion about this. Because a few days after going to the paid version, I used to get many promotional emails from another Instagram bot tool. I was convinced that someone had sold my personal information to a third party.

Maybe, the seller is this Instavast tool. So if you want to use this for your work, I recommend don’t put your sensitive data. And everything else is fine. Such as they will not violate Instagram limits and policy so that your account will always be safe.

Instavast Alternative

There are many more tools like this one that we call alternative. Usually, we look for alternatives when there is a problem. This is why I shared some alternatives to the Instavast tool here. If you want you can use them.

  • Likeslive
  • Insta Promoter
  • StoryVoter
  • Bigbangram
  • Socinator
  • Gram Growth

Personally, I prefer the Everliker extension tool to use as an alternative.

Instavast Review

Already I said that for promoting digital products I had used this tool on my Chrome browser. They have two offers for their service. One is a free trial and the other is paid.

That is, before going to the paid version so that someone can understand about them by using their 3 days free trial, that’s why they make this offer. Since I also have the opportunity to test their company, I also started their free trial.

Everything was fine during the trial. I got likes, followers, comments, and a lot of engagements. Naturally fascinated by their service, I decided to buy a paid service from them.

After that bought the Post Scheduling service for $10. And the problem starts after the purchase of it. I tried a thousand times, but I could not fix the date of the post schedule. This tool is not allowing me to upload any type of photo.

I was surprised. I thought, maybe the problem is technical. Due to which I mail their support by writing all the details of my problem. But here too they disappointed me. I mailed them and waited for a solution. But even after seven days, they did not reply to me.

Looking at the state of their support, it seemed that this is probably the only company in the world that provides the worst support for their customers. Leaving their hopes and opened some threads in various forums stating my problem.

But I was shocked to see the comments of those who replied to me on Reddit. There was one thing in everyone’s reply, the support of this Instavast company is too bad and some of their services do not work properly.

I realized that it was a mistake to accept their service without reading reviews. So if you need my suggestion, then I will tell you that don’t go with it.


Hope you read the above Instavast review carefully.

I always tell my friends and followers to bring followers organically without using any kind of tool. Because only organic followers will have an interest in my category/niche compared to most Instagram bot followers.

Moreover, any kind of personal information will not be leaked anywhere and the account will be safe. Feel free to share this article through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends and followers.