Jami APK Download v20211210 For Android

Jami APK is basically a universal and distributed communication platform that can be used on a mobile to send or receive text messages, share or receive media files, make voice or video calls, and do other tasks. It is the best application for freedom and privacy.


At the same time, you can also use the Jami app on your Android, iOS, computer, or TV to share your screen and make conferences. It also gives you the power to use the same account on multiple devices. Over 100,000 people are using this communication platform.

It is created and released by Savoir Faire Linux.

You will be able to download Jami latest version from here to your mobile device. Using this mobile application, you will be able to connect and communicate with friends and family members easily. This application is completely free, fast, safe, and secure.

Current Version20211210
Size46.3 MB
Requirement5.0 +
DeveloperSavoir Faire Linux
Released2 Jan 2022

It is basically a GNU Package.

Features of Jami

Already this app has added a number of features and functions so that you as a user can enjoy everything. Since you are a new user, I would recommend you read all the features first.

By doing this you will get a solid idea about this social application.

Let’s read them now,

  • No ads are available here that could cause annoying next time
  • Start chatting with people to stay connected and keep in touch
  • Receive or send any type of photos, videos, and other media files
  • Make a voice or video call to friends, family members, or anyone
  • Share your mobile or PC screen with others to discuss any topic
  • Organize conferences based on any topic with your employees
  • 100% fast, free, anonymous, and private to use on an Android mobile

Many other features will be added to this app later.

If you want, you can use the Microsoft Kaizala and BOTIM applications on your mobile device to connect and communicate with friends. Otherwise, you can only use the latest Jami application on your smartphone to use it as a messenger platform.

People love to use this app on their devices.

How To Use Jami

There are a lot of people who don’t know how to use this mobile application without facing any kind of issue. If you also do not know how to use it, I recommend you follow the below procedure to learn how to use this communication platform easily.

Let’s get started now,

1st Step: First of all, you have to download Jami APK on your device.

2nd Step: Install and launch this mobile application now.

3rd Step: Create an account here and complete your profile.

4th Step: Click on the search bar and search for a username with whom you want to chat or call.

5th Step: Once found, start chatting or making a video or audio call.

6th Step: Also, send or receive photos, videos, documents, and other files easily.

That’s enough.

Now, follow the above guide or tutorial to know how to use it.

Since there is no virus or malware, so this mobile application is completely safe, secure, and legal to use on an Android and iOS smartphone. This communication app will not do any harm to your device as it is safe.

You can use it freely on your phone.

The End

We have reached the end of the article.

And still, if you didn’t download it, just download and install the latest version of the Jami APK from here to your mobile device. Using this mobile application, you can easily send messages, make audio or video calls, share photos, videos, or other media files.

It is slowly becoming popular with all people.