KineMaster Diamond APK Download v4.12 For Android

KineMaster Diamond is the most popular mod version of the original video editing tool.

Users cannot use premium features from the original app free of cost. This reason has made the KineMaster Diamond app popular among all Android users.

Because people can get many premium tools from this mod version. It is widely used for making instant video editing.

The simple UI design and the premium quality of features of this app gives a tremendous feeling to all who regularly edit videos into their Android device.

But unfortunately, this tool is not available on the Play Store. That is why you have to download KineMaster Diamond APK from below for the very latest version.

NameKineMaster Diamond
Current Versionv 4.12
Size13.9 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.1 or above
TasksVideo editor
Released23 January 2021

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KineMaster Diamond Features

No watermark: Maximum free video editor applications put a watermark on videos, which is not user-friendly experience. This modified app will not be putting any watermark logo into videos.

Multiple Layers: The editor can go through multiple layers of video for editing. In the past, people needed to use heavy applications to use this feature. KineMaster Diamond app has made their life easy by offering this feature.

Chroma key: Chroma key is one of the best feature that a lot of people love.

All formats supported: It is a big hassle for a mobile user if she/he needs to change the format of the video before editing. But the good news is that this app allows every possible format of a video.

Premium features: Original video editor takes a subscription fee for the premium items. But the latest KineMaster Diamond application offers premium features to use fully free of cost.

Themes and user-friendly UI: This video editor app has a user-friendly UI and variety of themes that offer some extra opportunities when editing a video or creating a new project.

Editing Log: KineMaster Diamond keeps track of your work. You can redo or undo any work.

KineMaster Diamond VS Original

Let’s see a comparison of the mod and original version,

FeatureKineMaster DiamondOriginal Version
Multiple Layers
ThemesComparably moreComparably less
FormatsAll formats supportedSome format does no support
Work log
Premium Features
Satisfactory levelHighLow

KineMaster Diamond Review

I can edit my favorite videos by using the KineMaster video editor application. When I go on travel, I can edit videos instantly and upload them to the YouTube channel.

But some issues make me upset about the original application. There is a watermark they give on my videos which is irritating. They charge a fee for the premium services where they don’t put their watermark.

They keep some premium features locked in this app.

Many Android users like me look for an alternative to the app with similar kinds of features. But unfortunately, the KineMaster app is the best in video editing.

Next time KineMaster Diamond comes as a blessing to all the mobile video editors. It helps me out from the watermark issue and it also provides me those locked features free of cost.

The basic features are quite enough for me but when I am getting those premium tools, the level of my works reaches another height. It helps me to improve my editing skill as well as my content standard.

I will highly recommend this KineMaster Diamond APK for every Android user.

It is the best video editing tool whose premium features unlocked.

Alternative Version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is KineMaster diamond APK?

KineMaster diamond APK is a free video editor that can be used for editing videos like professionals.

How much does KineMaster diamond cost?

It’s 100% free. If you want to use it, then you don’t need money.


KineMaster Diamond application is one of my favorite tool for video editing.

It increases my skill as well as the standard of my content. As it is a mod app, the unofficial developer has made some changes to the original app’s source code.

If the download link doesn’t work or broken, let know in the comment box.