KineMaster Asset Store Download For Your App

Users can now download KineMaster Asset Store by watching ads. This feature is basically new, and it has been added to the latest version. If you are currently using the old app, you can’t enjoy the premium assets.


So download the new version from the Play Store now or update the Android or iPhone app. Previously users had to purchase the premium version in order to use the KineMaster premium assets.

Otherwise, they could not use assets in their video editing. But now times have changed. Now video editors can gain premium assets by watching ads inside this mobile application and can use them in videos.

Also, after that, they can easily export their videos for free in 4K quality.


The KineMaster Asset Store APK download can be done from the above link.

KineMaster Asset Store

Below is a list of assets you will receive. KineMaster all assets file download can be done from here.

Effects: Lots of premium effects will be available in the premium module.

Fonts: There are thousands of user-friendly fonts that can be used.

Audio: Unlimited copyright-free music will be available here for use on videos.

Clip Graphics: Create amazing text and title effects in animated formats.

Transitions: Get visual effects and use them between videos and images.

Overlays: Static and animated graphical stickers that can be move will be available.

And you will get also more than 1700 different items by watching ads only.

In addition to the premium assets feature, 2 more new features have been added to this KineMaster. One is support for animated GIF files, and another is the speed control for video layers.

On the occasion of 2021, the event of buying a 50% discount KineMaster premium app is going on.