KingRoot APK Download v5.4.0 For Android

KingRoot app is a blessing for many Android users who wants to root their device without any hassle.

Rooting is a common fascination to everyone for taking full control of an Android. But the custom root is a lengthy process that discourages many people.

KingRoot application can be a solution to their problem as it can root a device with one tap only.

To get the latest version, you can download KingRoot APK from below.

This rooting tool will work successfully from the Android 2 to 5 version. Sometimes it works up to Android 7 for some specific device.

As we know the manufacturer company never wants any rooting to smartphone and so they develop their security in various aspects.

This may cause sometimes not working the KingRoot in some specific devices.

Current Versionv 2.75
Size28.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 5 +
TasksVideo edit
DeveloperKingRoot Studio
Released23 January 2021

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KingRoot Features

One-click root: One-click root is the coolest feature of this mobile application. If anyone asks for the reason behind the popularity of KingRoot, then the answer will be the one tap rooting service. If you do not know much about Android, you can also able to root your Android device with just for one-click.

Data backup: Users can back up all personal or sensitive data of his/her.

Uninstall system apps: Normally users don’t have access to their system apps and games. But with the latest KingRoot, anyone can uninstall system apps when they need to remove any particular one.

No need any 3rd party app: This is also a cool feature of this rooting app that does not require any help from 3rd party application. It is a complete package for rooting.

Customize battery life: It customizes the battery of the device and it increases the battery life of the device.

Clean junk files: Users can clean the junk files from their smartphone through the KingRoot application. It is a baby process that needs just one tap to clean all the junk files from the phone.

Remove ads: KingRoot app allows to remove/block ads. It enhances the comfort level of users.

User Interface: A great interface that helps users easily understand the app.

Easy unrooting system: It offers to unroot by one tap like it’s rooting process.

One thing needs to remember that the device should have a proper Internet connection before the rooting process.

KingRoot Review

I always want the full authority of my Android mobile, but it was lazy to root my device by following some complicated stuff. So I need an easy process to root my Android.

Then one day I heard that rooting needs just one tap to complete the process which draws my interest.

When I started to seek the method, I heard the name KingRoot app that offers both rooting and unrooting with a single tap. Honestly, it was the one I looked for.

I have rooted my device with this root tool, and it has taken only one minute to complete the process.

It provides some additional services without root that makes it the best choice for me. Even the battery life of my phone has increased after rooted. Still, I am using the KingRoot APK on my smartphone and I don’t face any issue with it yet.


Rooting takes an Android user to the next level.

One who does not want to be in any barrier must root his/her device. But rooting process looks difficult to many of us. KingRoot app makes the process simple and easy.

It plays an important role in increasing the number of root Android users. It makes life easy and simple by establishing an automatic rooting process.

KingRoot is giving service to millions of users since 2013.