LINE Users Can Watch YouTube Videos Together During Calls

LINE users can watch YouTube videos during calls and share the screens of their devices with each other.

Users have been using the voice and video call features of the LINE app for a long time. But so long they have been deprived of the screen sharing and watching videos feature.

But recently this communication mobile app has unveiled this feature to give more benefits to their Android, iOS, and PC users. Users must use the latest version to get this feature.

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The first feature is to watch YouTube videos together while during a call.

By watching YouTube videos, the 2 people will be able to learn something, discuss, make review videos together, and much more can be done. It will help them to get them to the next level feel.

The second or another feature is to share the screen of the smartphone.

It allows users to solve any kind of digital or physical problem at the same time. While many other types of apps have this feature, LINE application users had not been getting this feature for so long.

So hopefully, it will serve as a groundbreaking feature among users.

In addition to these two features, LINE has added many more features to their new version. They are given in the below,

  • Call menus made it easier to see
  • Make avatars and use them
  • Images can be mirrored while editing
  • Lots of bugs fixed in the latest version

LINE will add more new features to future versions of this application.