How To Link Website To Pinterest Pin | 2 Easy Methods

If you are confused about how to link website to Pinterest pin, then today’s article will be very useful for you. Usually, those who have a website or a YouTube channel want to add a link to their website with a Pinterest image.


Pinterest has billions of users, so we can easily bring thousands of visitors to our website or YouTube video by pinning. If you haven’t used this social media platform yet, you’re actually losing a lot of traffic.

I will teach you two methods here. One is how to link your site to a Pinterest pin from a mobile device and the other is how to link your website to a Pinterest pin from the computer. So let’s get started now.

At first, we will learn how to connect the link to the image from the mobile. You can use an Android or an iOS device for this work. Take the phone and follow the step by step guide from below.


Step 1: Open the Pinterest application and click on the plus sign (+) icon from the bottom middle.

Step 2: Select the image that you want to upload from the gallery.

Step 3: After uploading provide the title and description.

Step 4: In the “destination link”, provide your website article’s link or YouTube video’s link.

Step 5: Now select your target board and hit the save button.

The link to your site has been linked with 100 percent success. You will be able to do this work with any platform mobile.

The same work you can do with a desktop or laptop easily. Since we have already learned how to do this with mobile, we are now going to learn how to link to our site through the computer.

So let’s read.

Step 1: Go to the Pinterest website from any browser.

Step 2: Press the plus sign (+) icon from the top right corner of your business account.

Step 3: Select the create pin button and upload a photo from the computer.

Step 4: Add title, description, and select image related board.

Step 5: Enter your site link or videos link in the destination link section and click on the save button.

If you pin images from the computer, you can pin a lot faster that may not be possible from mobile.


Hope, you learned how to link website to Pinterest pin easily.

I recommend you follow the steps above and do your own thing. For it’s there will be no possibility of any kind of mistake. I use also these steps for pinning my website’s article, YouTube videos, and Facebook posts.

And also hope that you have read the whole tutorial carefully.