Ludo King APK Download v6.9.0.218 For Android

One of the most common and popular indoor games is Ludo. There is hardly anyone who has never played this in their childhood. Ludo King game is too much popular nowadays. This game makes us nostalgic about our childhood days with all its added fun.


And the developer Gametion team deserves to get thanks.

With the latest version of the Ludo King game, you will be able to get more free gems, golds, and more game players like the 8 Ball Pool game on your account. This is a free android application that can be downloaded and played anywhere in the world.

And the best part is you can play the game with your favorite partners or random players on your favorite social media like Facebook. It has different levels, and you can choose according to your preference.


This is so simple that anyone can download and play. From the below, let’s look at a table of this board game.

NameLudo King
Current Versionv
Size55.5 MB
Released23 Feb 2022

This game is similar to the Ludo Star game.

You can read this article for instructions on how to install the XAPK file.

Ludo King Game Features

Ludo is full of outstanding features that will take your gaming experience one step ahead. This amazing android game has so many aspects that will give you the pleasure of classic board with some added benefit of mobile phone usage.

Let’s get to know the cutting-edge features of this amazing game.

Easy login: There is no complicated login process for this. You can simply log in with your Facebook account to take the delight of playing this wonderful game. You can also invite your friends to play this game with you.

It’s free: Well, this is the best feature for me. There is no hidden charge to download this beautiful game. You can download it absolutely free of cost from this website.

Multiplayer mode: This is another great feature. This dice board game can be played between 2 to 4 players. If you have partners, you can play with them. You can also chat and send emoticons with your beautiful partners while playing.

Free and unlimited gems: You have the power to get free gems by giving dice to other players. So, don’t be a miser.

Mod version: People love to play the mod version of this game. Cause with the modded app, they will be able to get unlimited gems, gold, and money.

Offline mode: The updated version of this app lets you play in offline mode too.

Arrow mode: The original board game had arrows in it. The updated version of the Android application also has this arrow mode to upgrade your gaming experience.

Different variations in the game: You will get different variations or modes in the Ludo board game. There are mainly three variations in this game mode.

Classic variation: This is the original version of Ludo. In this classic variation, all of your tokens will be placed in the home.

Quick variation: This is a less time-consuming version of Ludo King. In this mode, only one token will be placed in the home.

Master variation: This is the most challenging mode of the game. Here you can create a wall to stop your challenger to become the King.

Other features: There are other interesting features too. For example, you can add new people like your game buddy and make new friends. You can double the pieces or kill one before entering the home, etc. Actually, the interesting features of this game are endless.

The more you will play, the more you will fall in love with the game.


Ludo King APK is not just a normal game.

It is a childhood memory that makes us nostalgic. Installing and playing the game is super easy. So why you are wasting time. Just download the game APK file from here and freshen up your childhood days.

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