MusicPiped APK Download v2.2.0 For Android

MusicPiped APK is a music player that can be used to stream music from YouTube. This app is completely free to use. Now, this application is only available for Android users and not available for iOS or iPhone users.


But if you have an Android, you can stream songs for free in the MusicPiped app.

If you want to listen to YouTube video songs in the background, download MusicPiped latest version now from here. It is the best app that uses by 900K+ people around the world.

So, use it also on your device now.

Current Versionv 2.2.0
Size17.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 or higher
TasksAudio player
DeveloperDeep Gaurav
Released16 Nov 2021

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Listen to music and keep your mind refresh.

This app has some advanced quality features. Notable features include music player control, background playback, customization playlist, and more. The latest MusicPiped app has used the NewPipe Extractor tool to get music streams from YT.

MusicPiped Features

This music player has a number of sophisticated features, enough for one user to use. It is not like any other audio player. Exactly what makes this app different from others is exactly what those features are discussed below.

You are requested to read them before using the latest MusicPiped application.

  • Listen to YouTube music
  • Background playback system available
  • Most energetic controlling features
  • Artists, Tracks, Playlist, and home buttons
  • White and dark theme available
  • No ads and no subscription are required
  • 100% free and easy to use

To enjoy more features, you’ve to use it now.

You can listen to YouTube songs as well as local music through this app that is all the music that is already downloaded into your Internal Storage or SD Card. And you don’t need an Internet connection to listen to local music.

These rely entirely offline. On the other hand, you need a WiFi or mobile Internet connection to listen to YouTube songs. At the same time, if you want you can also download YT music on your local memory to listen to them offline.

MusicPiped Alternative

For some reason, you may no longer want to use the MusicPiped pro application. There is no problem with this. Because now you’ll be able to use any alternative of this application if you want. Below is a list of the best apps for you.

If you want, you can read it now.

  • NewPipe
  • Tube Floating
  • SkyTube
  • Kaku
  • SMTube
  • Xiaomi Music
  • NetTube
  • Tube Master

Although there are many other types of music players that can be used to play YouTube video songs in the background. However, the above are seemingly the best and you will be able to use them for free if you want.

Is MusicPiped not working?

If for some reason this app does not work on your Android device, then I recommend you download the latest version from here. Similarly, if the updated version does not work, use the older versions that you will get also from here.


Hopefully, you have downloaded MusicPiped APK from here and already installed it.

Lots of people are using this music player application on their Android smartphones to listen to YT songs in the background. At the same time, these people can also stream local songs. So, you can use it for your own needs.

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