Network Spoofer APK Download v2.4.0 For Android

Network Spoofer APK is an online tool that helps users change websites on other people’s phones connected to the same Wi-Fi network to scare them. Most people are using it to make pranks with friends and family members.


Once you use the Network Spoofer app on your device, you can automatically redirect any of your websites to the phone or computer of all users connected to your Wi-Fi. This will scare the users and make you feel like a person of another level.

It is developed and published by Digital Squid a few years ago.

You have to download Network Spoofer latest version from here since it is not available on Google Play or Apple App Store due to some of the technical reasons. It is 100% safe, secure, and completely legal to use on Android.

NameNetwork Spoofer
Current Versionv 2.4.0
Size2.3 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 +
DeveloperDigital Squid
Released27 Nov 2021

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Many people use it to prank with known and unknown people.

Network Spoofer Features

Compared to other spoofers, this mobile application will give you the best features and functions that you as a user will be able to enjoy immensely. A shortlist of several features has already been shared in the below for your convenience.

By the way, let’s read now.

  • Very easy to use and has a black user interface
  • Show a different website on all the user’s device screen
  • Change or replace all of the pictures or flip pictures
  • Replace the Google search results pages easily
  • Change any YouTube video with a Rick Roll without problem
  • Change all the webpage text to a different choice able text
  • Prank with friends, classmates, or any family members
  • No virus or malware is available that can be damaged mobile

You can wait to enjoy more new features.

You can use the WiFiKill to remove the unknown guy from your network and can use the WhatsApp Spy to monitor other users’ messages, media files, etc. And you can use the latest Network Spoofer application to make pranks with users.

How To Use Network Spoofer

Although the tool is very easy to use, there are many users who face various problems while using it. The following tutorial has been shared to help those people. Here you will find the perfect solution to use the mobile application.

By the way, let’s get started.

1st Step: First of all, root your Android smartphone.

2nd Step: Download Network Spoofer APK and install it.

3rd Step: Open and choose any option from here.

4th Step: Press the START button.

5th Step: Go to the Preference and enable all the options.

6th Step: Tap the Go To Website and show it on other mobiles.

Finally, you have learned the whole method to use it.

Last Word

Already, you have got a lot of information about this tool.

So, download and install Network Spoofer APK from the above to your Android smartphone for free. And use the mobile tool to show any type of website on the user’s phone or PC who is actually connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Use it to make fun with others.