PGSharp Standard Edition APK Download v1.33.11 For Android

PGSharp standard edition is a mod version of the Pokémon GO game. This tool will help you to find the POGO anywhere and anytime using Map. After that, you can easily catch all Pokémon creatures without any type of problem.


Currently, this PGSharp premium APK is only available for Android.

However, download PGSharp latest version now from below to your smartphone completely free. More than 3 million people are using this app on their devices to enjoy many features and functions.

So, use it and enjoy the game more.

Current Versionv 1.33.11
Size214 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.1 or above
TasksCatch Pikachu
Released7 Nov 2021

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Use it without rooting your Android device.

Pokémon game creatures are hard for users to find. Basically, there are many tools available to solve this problem. However, out of all the tools, only this PG Sharp MOD APK tool is awesome and best for finding Pokémon GO game creatures.

PGSharp Standard Edition Features

Anywhere and anytime: You will be able to play the game at any time from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Android phone, a very good Internet connection, and this app.

There are no country restrictions on this application.

Joystick: Usually, when we go to play the Pokémon GO game, we have to move to different places to catch Pokémon. But if you use Joystick in PGSharp app, you can move around the world without move to anywhere.

Walking speed: You can reduce the walking speed or increase the speed while playing the mobile game. This speed feature will basically help you catch Pikachu very intelligently.

Teleport: Using the teleport feature, you can travel around the world to catch Pokémon without having to go to those places. This means you can go anywhere on the map at any time without having to go anywhere physically.

Nearby radar: The Nearby radar feature can be used to know where the Pokémon are and exactly how close they are. By doing this, you will easily catch more Pikachu and you will be at the top level in gaming.

Save location: Suddenly you got work, and you want to stop playing the game and go to work. But if you do not save the game, then you have to start playing the game again from the beginning.

This is why you can save the last location on the PGSharp application.

No root required: Many may think that you need a rooted phone to use this PG Sharp. But no, no root phone is required.

PGSharp MOD APK Review

I have been playing the Pokémon Go mobile game on my phone for a long time.

But somehow I couldn’t catch the Pikachu. That made me frustrated. While telling this story, a friend suddenly started talking about the PGSharp Android application. This app has some great features. Using which I can easily catch Pikachu.

Not only that, if I wish, I will be able to go to America and catch Pikachu through the teleport feature while sitting in India. In a word, this gaming app will give me many features that I can use to convert to a pro player.

There are currently two versions of the PGSharp mod app. One is Free Version and the other is Standard Edition. Paid version costs only $5. If purchase the paid version, will get a PGSharp license key.

With which you can easily enjoy premium features.

How To Get PGSharp Activation Key

In the premium version, you’ll get lots of amazing features such as Pokemon Feed, Autowalk, Custom GPS, Spawn Booster, Quick Catch, Block Non-Shiny, Skip Evolve Animation, Virtual Go Plus, and others.

But to enjoy these, you have to buy the paid version with the $5.00. After that, you’ll get the PGSharp activation key. Using which you have to input the license into your account. That’s it.


Hope you have already downloaded this app on your smartphone.

PGSharp Standard Edition APK is basically a location spoofing platform where you can hide your real location and play this game from fake locations. It is completely safe and secure to use.

This app has been developed and published by PGS TECHNOLOGY CO LTD. And to enjoy more features you are recommended to use the premium version. Also, keep connecting with the MineRev site.