500+ Best Pinterest Board Names 2021 | Generate Name Ideas

I’ve collected the huge and best Pinterest board names on various niches for you.


If you haven’t yet generated a name for your account, you’ll love this article. Most of the time, after we open Pinterest business account, we get confused that which type of boards we should create and which type of boards are making more traffic.

Also, we cannot determine the name. It is a huge problem for us. Don’t worry if you face the same problem as everyone. Today’s article is to solve your problem. So let’s get started and see the Pinterest board names,

What are Pinterest Boards


Boards are where the owner can create and save new pins for driving traffic to his/her websites. And also can organize new pins from other accounts. People create different types of boards to further expand their business.

And check visitors’ impressions, link clicks, views, etc through analytics tools.

It works like keywords,

Boards Features

These Pinterest group boards have a lot of features. Here are some great features.

  • Save the specified pins
  • Click specific followers
  • Help to get Pinterest traffic
  • Invite more members
  • Analytics every visitors

There are also some more features for this amazing images search engine.

Pinterest Baby Names

  • Baby Lyrics
  • Cute Baby Girl
  • Kids Drawing
  • Sports Hairstyles
  • Children’s Crafts
  • First Baby Girl
  • Cute Baby Photos
  • Small Kids Desk
  • Baby Shower Examples
  • Kids Room Design
  • Sports Art
  • Children’s Dress
  • Born Girl Baby Gift

Pinterest Beauty Boards

  • Beautiful
  • Face Whitening Tips
  • Vogue Beauty
  • Know For Girls
  • Beauty Blog
  • Queen Quotes
  • Find Latest Pin
  • Look For Glowing Skin
  • Examples Of Beauty
  • Natural World
  • Southern Beauty
  • Tips And Secrets
  • Skin Glowing
  • Tips For Hair

Business Pinterest Board Names

There is a lot of business person, who want to grow their traffic from Pinterest. Since there are different types of businesses, different types of boards may need to be created.

If you do not know which name is best for you to create the board, you can check the names below.

  • Creative Business
  • Small Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small Guys
  • Business Ideas
  • Starting Businesses
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Business World
  • Online Business
  • Business Card
  • Small Search
  • Template Of Plan

Or you can open a board with your business name.

Clever Pinterest Board Names

Let’s see some of the Pinterest board name ideas,

  • Clever Design
  • Ideas For Clever People
  • Clever Storage & Closets
  • Living Ideas
  • Top Storage
  • Creative And Clever
  • Top DIY
  • Goodies Ideas
  • Design For You
  • Storage Bench
  • Food Content
  • Clever Tattoos
  • Organizing Ideas

Clothes Pinterest Board Names

Every man and woman loves fashionable clothes.

If you love to teach about new fashionable clothes, then you should create some boards to get specific visitors to your account and your niche website.

Then take a look at some unique names now.

  • Bless My Soul
  • Clothes For Men
  • Nailed It
  • Shopping Bag
  • Clothes in the USA
  • Bag Lady
  • Girls Dresses
  • Stores Near Me
  • Ladies Fashion
  • Online Showroom
  • It’s My Dress
  • Types Of Clothes
  • Clothes Find
  • Men Gym Clothes

More names will be coming near the future.

Creative Pinterest Board Names

A creative person always looking for creative things.

If you are one of them and would like to share your creative stuff on Pinterest, choose a name from the below for your profile.

The following names have been created for you.

  • Garden Ideas
  • Painted Furniture
  • Creative DIY Projects
  • Gentleman
  • Quotes Content
  • Art Director
  • Creative Market
  • Like A Boss
  • Writing Topics
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Unique Business Ideas

Also, you can give a name of your choice if you want.

Cute Board Name

Let’s see some of the Pinterest board name ideas from below,

  • Cute Animals
  • Labradors and Babies
  • Cute Rompers
  • Hairstyles For Thin Hair
  • Macarons Drawing
  • Outfits Aesthetic
  • Couples Costume Niche
  • Things To Draw
  • Pillows Decorative On Couch
  • Crochet Corner
  • Search Nails
  • Cooper Hair Color
  • Sweatshirts For Women
  • Funny Wallpapers

DIY Board Names

DIY means Do It Yourself. There are a lot of people here who love to teach other people crafts or anything. So that the person can make things for himself/herself.

Check below if you want to open specific craft items or DIY boards.

  • Design For Yourself
  • Learn Handicrafts
  • Craft With Me
  • Decor For Girls
  • Craft Store Near Me
  • Handmade Jewellery
  • Craft Business
  • DIY Room Decor
  • The Sewing Industry
  • DIY Projects
  • Projects Status
  • Decoration Light
  • Handmade Paper

Always try to keep the name of the board matching the name of your products.

Fashion Pinterest Board Name

There is no one who does not love fashion. Even I myself am a fashion fan.

If you are also like mine and want to spread your fashionable pictures with people, select a name from below now, and open the easy board.

Here are some creative examples for the fashion category.

  • Passion For Fashion
  • Women’s Jewelry & Accessories
  • Casual Dress
  • Summer Items
  • Winter Items
  • One Information

And yeah, personally I love the casual dress for myself and I pin these every day.

Finance Pinterest Board Ideas

If you have a website about financing, you should create some boards with the below keywords on Pinterest right now. From this social platform, you will get thousands of visitors to your site for free.

But if you are confused about the name, you can take the idea from below.

  • Money Management
  • Budgeting For Beginners
  • Personal Development
  • Invest Money
  • Money Saving Tips

Finance is the best way to help people for making money and saving money.

Food Pinterest Board Names

Take ideas from the below for creating your own new board about the food and drink sector.

Even if you have a recipe website or a YouTube channel, then you should use the Pinterest platform for driving visitors to your website or channel.

  • Comfort Food Recipes
  • Food & Beverage
  • Special Diet
  • American Items
  • Asian Foods
  • Let Me Make

The name of your boards should match the name of your food items.

Funny Pinterest Board Names

  • Funnies
  • Pranks Voice
  • Funniest Categories Ever
  • Funny Animals
  • Videos For Status
  • Kids Playroom Keywords
  • Tweets That Hit Different
  • Videos For Status
  • Stories Content
  • Cats Funny
  • Memes
  • Funny Videos
  • Quotes Joker

Good Pinterest Boards Name

  • More Keyword
  • Homemade Christmas Gifts
  • Vibrations Energy
  • Good Inspiration
  • Living Room
  • Recipes With Chicken
  • Sweatpants Outfit
  • Room Ideas
  • Recipes For Dinner
  • Good Profile
  • Eat Good and Feel Good
  • Lunch Meal Prep
  • Eats Aesthetic
  • Let Things
  • Things To Draw

Hair Pinterest Board Names

Due to some hair lovers, I shared the most popular and common name here.

If you have a Pinterest account and want to share something about hair, then you should check from below.

  • Celebrity Hairstyles
  • Keep My Things
  • Let Me See
  • Beautiful BIG Chop
  • Men’s Hairstyles
  • Women’s Hairstyles

Also do not forget to make a hair tips name.

Home Decor Names For Pinterest

Everyone likes to keep their house beautiful and tidy. Especially when I see new designs from Pinterest, I design them for my room.

If you love designs like mine and want to share those designs with everyone, create some boards on Pinterest now.

And can take ideas from below for the name now.

  • Dried Flower Wedding
  • Home Blog
  • Search Room
  • Home Marketing
  • Fall Decor
  • Room Search and Decorations
  • Corsages & Wrist Corsages
  • Home Decor
  • Living Room

Then get started now for yourself.

Jewelry Pinterest Board Names

Girls always like jewelry products. And Pinterest is several times more female users than boys. So make now to share your jewelry designs with everyone.

  • Diamonds Collection
  • I Love Golds
  • Necklace Finder
  • Bracelets For Men
  • Classic Jewelry

Bookmark this article to know more ideas.

Photography Pinterest Board Names

  • Photography Pictures
  • Camera With Video
  • Top Level Camera
  • Coolest Pictures
  • Photograph Memories
  • Cameras Video
  • Best Photographers
  • Classes For Photography
  • Photography Classes
  • Click On Photography
  • Funny Moments
  • Shooting Profile
  • Type Of Photographers

Quotes Pinterest Board Names

There are different types of quotes (Motivational, Relationship, Business, Funny Quotes, etc). Getting traffic to this type of category website is very easy.

If you have one, then you immediately use now this platform to generating traffic to your site.

  • Inspirational Categories
  • Life Post
  • Motivational Speech
  • Business Is Life
  • Stay With Me
  • Click Keyword
  • Copyright Niche

Again, if you want you can share different types of quotes as you like.

Social Media Board Name

Most Internet users are using different types of social platforms according to their preferences. For example, you have a site where you write about different types of social sites or apps.

Take an idea from below, and make some images, and pin.

  • Pinterest Tips
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Nothing Special
  • See Post
  • Social Media Guide
  • Viral With Me

Even then Pinterest will help you get many visitors.

Travel Pinterest Board

  • Travel Agency
  • Luggage
  • Agency For Travel
  • Travel Quotes
  • Inspiration About Traveling
  • Travel Bag
  • Pictures About Sea Beach
  • Travel Photography
  • Expedia Flights
  • Hotel Booking
  • Cheap Flights
  • Google Flights

Unique Pinterest Board Names

  • Unique Bedrooms
  • Mine Homes
  • Gifts For Him/Her
  • Unique Information
  • Gifts For Best Friends
  • Wedding Favors
  • Books To Read
  • Profile Blog
  • Dresses Casual
  • First Wedding
  • Bookshelf Designs
  • Vente Unique
  • UniqueNess
  • Best Unique Pins
  • Cottages By The Sea

Wedding Pinterest Board Names

Every year billions of people around the world get married. If you love to share wedding photos, then I suggest you use the Pinterest profile.

Through this social platform, you may get a wedding client also. So, start pin now.

  • Let’s Celebrate
  • Viral Bachelor Party
  • Look Profile
  • Beach Wedding Venues
  • Chocolate Wedding Cakes
  • Bridesmaid Hairstyles

And of course share photos according to category.

How To Create Pinterest Board Names

Let’s see how to create,

  • Go to your Pinterest profile.
  • Tap the plus icon from the right side and click on the filter icon.
  • Select Board.
  • Enter a board name and fill in all the details.
  • Click Create.

That’s it. Now, upload all the photos of yourself, do Pinterest SEO to visible on the search engine, follow the Pinterest algorithm, and finally make money.


I hope you liked this interesting Pinterest board names article and have already chosen many board ideas (niche keywords) )for yourself. You can make a board with the topic you want to share with everyone.

This way you will not need a Pinterest board name generator. Moreover, many more categories will be added here in the future. Now create viral pins for your Pinterest profile, do Pinterest SEO, and make money online.