Plants in Plants VS Zombies Games

There are different types of plant characters in the plants vs zombies game. Each character has its own capabilities and unique features. Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defence video game developed and originally released by PopCap Games. Further, the game has received high critical acclaim, along with several awards. 


Plant Characters in Game

The game features a fictional universe where the player’s lawn is attacked by an army of zombies. The player not only uses a variety of different plants to prevent them from reaching their house on the other side of the lawn but also destroys zombies. Each level introduces new plants with new abilities.

PlantImageHealthDamage Per ShotWorking
Peashooter125It is an attacking plant.
It shoots pea after every 1.5 seconds on the target.
Fire Pea125It is another attacking plant. Shoots fire on the target and give 40 damage per attack.
Cherry BombInfinite
Infinite It has the ability to blow up Zombies.
Wall Nut
4000Varies Its hard shell is used to protect other plants.
Sunflower100Sunflower is a sun-producing plant in the plants vs zombies game. It also enables the users to grow more plants.
Potato Mine 300 unarmed1800Zombies when came near the potato mine they will get explode because of a powerful punch. 
Snow Pea30020Like other peas, it also has the ability to shoot frozen peas on zombies.
Repeater 300InfiniteIt has the capability to shoot two peas.
Puf Shroom15020They can be short at a distance.
Sun Shroom300It gives the small as well as normal sun.
Fume Shroom30020Capable of shooting fumes that can pass through screen doors.
Chomper150, 175ChompSun cost 150 and also instantly attacks zombies by eating them.
Grave Buster300Busters on the graves in order to remove graves.
Hypno Shroom300
It can turn a zombie into your side when eaten.
Sacred Shroom30020They are long-range shooters.
Ice Shroom30020Has the ability to immobilize all the zombies.
Doom Shroom300Infinite It has the ability to destroy everything at a large distance and nothing can ever grow on that land again.
Lily Pad300It enables you to grow non-aquatic plants onto them.
Squash 3001800As the name is showing it can easily smash zombies.
Threepeater 30020Like a pea shooter, it has the ability to shoot 3 peas at a time.
Tangle Kelp300InfiniteAquatic plants can easily attract zombies that are near them in water.
InfiniteInfiniteLike other power plants, it has the ability to kill a full lane of zombies.
Spikeweed30020t has pop tires onto it and can hurt zombies that step on it.
Torchwood300Turns the peas into fireballs that pass through it.
Tall Nut8000Heavy-duty plants that can’t be vaulted.
Sea Shroom30020
Like other shrooms, it can shoot short range spores on 
Plantern300Lighten up the whole area and let you see through the fog.
It can shoot spikes that can hit both on the ground as well as in the air.
BloverInfiniteIt blows all the zombies as well as fog away.
Split Pea
30020Has the ability to shoot forwards or backward.
Star Fruit30020Capable of shooting starts in 5 directions.
Pumpkin4000Gives protection to plants that are within it.
Magnet shroom300Like other shrooms, magnet shrooms remove all the metal objects from zombies.
Cabbage Pult30040It has the ability to hurl cabbages.
Flower Pot300It allows your plant on the roof.
Gatling Pea300
20Like three peas it can shoot 4 peas at a single time.
Tree of WisdomWhen you provide food to a tree in the Zen Garden it helps the players and gives them tips on how to play the game.

You can also play Plants vs Zombies part 1 or Unkilled by downloading its APK version from here. 


The most fun you’ll ever have destroying zombies! Get ready to soil your plants in this action-strategy game. In the first game, you can also battle zombies with the help of strange living plants. Now zombies are invading your home, and it’s up to you to stop them. To do that, you’ll need to use a combination of tactics and good old-fashioned firepower.


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