Pokémon GO APK Download v0.223.0 For Android

Pokémon GO APK is an adventure, augmented reality, and location-based game that is developed and published by Niantic (contribute by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company) for Android and iOS. It is initially first released on 6 July 2016.


In this, players have to create and customize the avatar after launching the game. After that, find yourself in your own geographical location with a map. Using this Pokémon GO game map, just you’ve to catch Pokémon by throwing Poké Balls.

After every successful catch, you will get Candies and Stardust game currencies.

You can use these game currencies to boost or increase Pokémon’s level and hence “Combat Power” (CP). So, if you have now interest to play this Pokémon GO latest version, download it from below completely free.

NamePokémon GO
Current Versionv 0.223.0
Size116 MB
RequirementAndroid 6 +
Released25 Nov 2021

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It provides Gyms or Raids and Trainer battle systems for gamers.

Pokémon GO Features

This game is completely free to play. It has a number of sophisticated features and functions which are enough possible to win the mind of a user. If you are curious about these features, read them now without delay.

I have listed some of the top features.

  • Catch the Pokémon in the world around you
  • Raid with friends for legendary Pokémon
  • Can be collected more than 500 Pokémon easily
  • PokéShops and Pokémon Gyms to get Lure Modules and battle locations
  • Challenge your friends in battle and win the match
  • The battle to take over Gyms for your team
  • Create or make your dream Pokémon team
  • Has an amazing controlling system for Android and iPhone

According to Niantic and Superdata, 166+ million people are playing this Pokémon GO.

If you feel bored by walking or moving and playing this game, you can use the PGSharp tool on Android. Using it, you can move around the world without physically move and find POGO anywhere and anytime using Map.

How To Get Pokeballs In Pokémon Go

Without using Poké Ball, you cannot catch the Pokémon. There are currently 100 ways available to get them. But now you are going to learn or know some of the best ways to get them. By the way, let’s know how to get them easily.

  • Start the game and get regular Pokeballs
  • Reach level 12 to unlock Great Balls
  • Unlock Ultra Balls by reaching level 20
  • Level 30 will give you the Master Balls
  • Spinning the PokeStops and Gyms to get balls
  • Users can easily claim weekly rewards
  • Participate in daily tasks and completing these to win a reward
  • Purchase Pokeballs with Coins from the shop

Ending Speech

Maybe, you love to play Android or iOS games.

So, I recommend you download and install the Pokémon GO APK from the above to your mobile device to play this adventure game completely free. This most popular game has already been downloaded around 632 million times.

It already won the BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2016, The Game Awards 2016, Golden Joystick Awards 2016, 2016 TechRaptor Awards, New York Game Critic Awards, Gamers’ Choice Awards 2018, and was nominated for other awards.

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