Radardroid APK Download v3.75 For Android

Radardroid APK is the best travel-friendly platform that will make travel time more hassle-free and enjoyable. With the rapid development of technology and globalization, several numbers small apps are developing every day.


These applications may seem a little weird at first, but they do their part to make our life much easier every day. It is basically one of them. So, download Radardroid app from here for free.

Currently, more than 100K people are using it monthly.

This is why I also recommend you use the Radardroid latest version on your Android or iOS smartphone to get the all information about your touring spot. It is the best app to know that is the place is safe or not.

Current Versionv 3.75
Size11.5 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or up
TasksTravel & local
DeveloperVentero Tel
Released22 Nov 2021

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From the pro version, you can get premium features for free.

What is Radardroid

Radardroid is a speed trap indicator app. It is specially designed and developed for drivers. This amazing mobile app is actually a GPS speed camera tracker for Android devices.

This unique application can give you a warning if you reach into any mobile or set speed camera in the application database. And you will be able to get both audible as well as the visual warning on your screen at your convenience.

Radardroid Features

When it comes to the features of this Android or iOS application, the count is limitless. It is such a wonderful and useful Android app for anyone and everyone who drives any kind of vehicle.

The most important features of Radardroid app will be discussed below,

  • First of all, this amazing speed tracker android application is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a penny to take advantages of this great android application.
  • It operates as a background application on your smartphone. So no matter if you listen to music, or browse through the Internet on your phone, this advanced app will run on its own.
  • It will not only indicate the speed camera inside its database range, but it will also display other traps. For example, if there is any radar placed on the side of the road, this beneficial app will show it on the real-time map.
  • The pro version will give you the all premium features, and it’s totally free.
  • It will also display the distance between the trap and the vehicle along with the speed limit of each point.


Having a Radardroid APK means that you don’t have to fear driving tickets anymore. The advantages of this are countless to anyone who drives any transport. It will free you from any kind of speeding ticket for the rest of your life.

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