How To Root Redmi Note 7 Without PC | 100% Success Rate

Learn and root Redmi Note 7 device instantly.


Rooting your Mi phone will provide you access to the Android Operating System of your device. Xiaomi provides good specifications and features in their Redmi 7 smartphone.

So I suggest not rooting your phone. But if you are a tech freak and want access to your OS to use unauthorized apps or any custom ROM, then follow the steps to root Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.


  • Own the access of OS which was locked by the manufacturer company
  • Boost the battery life and performance speed by rooting
  • Free some internal space and make your Redmi lighter
  • Use custom ROM and taste the feeling of using a different UI
  • Use apps/games outside of the Google Play Store
  • Flash a custom kernel, block ads in any app, install incompatible apps, remove bloatware apps, install custom ROM or do anything


  • The device may get stuck into the boot loop if you don’t follow the below method perfectly or do any mistakes during rooting
  • You may void your device warranty
  • Compromising with your Mi mobile security while you are rooting it
  • Smartphones can be dead for any type of single mistake

Read Before Root

  • Save your valuable data, images, SMS, contacts in a safe place.
  • Make sure your device has more than 70% battery backup.
  • Have to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader before rooting.
  • Download or install TWRP in your Redmi Note7.
  • Download and Magisk Manager on your phone.
  • Have to download the disable Force encryption zip.

How To Root Redmi Note 7

  1. At first copy and file into the internal storage or SD card.
  2. Power off your Redmi 7 and press the “Power + Volume Key (upper one)” for a moment to open the boot menu.
  3. When the menu comes, tap on the “Install” option.
  4. After taping install, you have to choose that you copied earlier.
  5. Now you will find a swipe option. Confirm the Flash by swiping.
  6. Then tap on the “Reboot” option.
  7. Repeat step 2 again and while the menu comes select the file you copied earlier.
  8. Swipe again to confirm Flash and install Magisk.
  9. Now tap on the “Reboot” option again and restart your device.
  10. Now download Magisk Manager and install it on your Redmi and restart once again.

Your device is successfully rooted.

Since you have rooted your smartphone, so now you can easily enjoy all the features and functions of your Android smartphone without getting any kind of issue.


You can successfully root Redmi Note 7 by following this process.

It is easier to complete with a PC. Some users face difficulty storing the files in the device and choosing them through the device again from the boot menu. PC helps to do the same operation using the command window.

But as you search to do with your mobile phone, you are good to go with my process.