How To Sell Feet Pics And Make Instant Money

Several days ago I read a hot thread on Reddit. There a woman was discussing with everyone else how to sell feet pics and make money. After seeing it, I was a little surprised myself.


And I ask myself is this real or am I going to crazy?

I do a lot of research on this topic on the Internet and realize that it is 100% real and legal. To testing the whole thing, I tell my college student girlfriend the whole research and information.

And the funny thing is, we were able to sell pictures of her feet in different places for $965 and travel with that money next time. So want to know how we were able to do that and what tricks we followed?


Well, you have made a great decision. So let’s get started.

Do people really buy feet pictures?

You’re now wondering that people really buy feet pictures or it’s fiction. At the time I thought just like you. But after doing research, I realized that people actually buy feet pictures for the purpose of their business.

I found 4 types of guys who buy stock pictures for their work. Let’s see the list.

  1. Bloggers or social media activators can buy images for use in their articles.
  2. The physical or digital magazine uses feet pictures for using on their article and print.
  3. Companies about feet related use feet photos for making an advertisement.
  4. Some people enjoy seeing pictures of feet.

The people above can buy pictures of your feet. So we can call them as customers.

How to take feet pictures?

So we know that people actually buying feet photos for their own work. But in which style you should capture pictures of your feet that will help us to get many sales, that is the question.

Now we will know about it. I will give you some ideas and suggestions that we also used for this work.

Find Beautiful Feet

Since you have to use feet photos for business, so always should using good and gorgeous feet. This is why I recommend you use your daughters, friends, sisters or any family member’s feet or your own legs.

Always remember that a beautiful foot is the 1st part of this business.

Use Good Camera

Without a good camera, you cannot capture amazing photos.

Taking a picture with a bad camera will show that the picture is not being HD, the light is not getting proper, the focus is not being right, and many more kinds of problems can be caused.

So of course in this case you can use one of the best cameras on the market.

Take shorts in different styles

Now you have good feet and a cool camera. Now the job is to take pictures. But how to capture a picture that looks pretty and interesting, to understand that you need have to take pictures of your feet in several styles.

To teach you, I am showing you my favorite 5 positions here.

Position 1: Take pictures of your feet by crossing the legs.

Position 2: Lift the ankles slightly upwards.

Position 3: Capturing photos by focusing the toes.

Position 4: Legs raised to zero position.

Position 5: By putting more legs together.

Or you can take pictures in the style of your choice.

Where to sell feet pics?

Have you any questions like where to sell feet pictures in America?

Don’t worry. I’m going to share my thoughts about it here now.

So now we have a lot of pics on our device. Now we are going to learn how and where to sell them on. There are many places you can actually use it to sell pictures. In this section we will learn how to sell using websites, social media, apps etc.

So let’s take a look.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram?

Nowadays every people use Instagram application for their own purpose. Even this list includes many business people and female models. We will basically sell our products to them.

Note: One thing I want to add here. You can now use the Instagram account for business. Basically a business account has more features than a personal account.

But to sell on Instagram you need to follow a few things. I am mentioning a few points below.

  1. Create an account on Instagram about feet.
  2. Set up your profile and put a text in bio that you are a seller of feet photos.
  3. Publish more than 50 pictures of feet.
  4. Follow all the accounts that related to your category.
  5. Give likes, comments and tags.
  6. At the same time grow your followers also.

Keep doing the above tasks like a circle. Once you see that the client has knocked you to buy pictures.

How to sell feet pics on Craigslist?

Craigslist is a classified American advertisements website, where you can create a free ad listing as a creator for your photo. Since it’s an American site, so there is a 100% chance to sell feet pictures to people.

Just you have to create a free account on this website. And through it, you have to do advertise your feet pictures online over the Internet.

Selling feet pictures on Twitter

Twitter is the largest social media platform over the world. Here general users, political users, even business users available. If you want, you can easily increase your income by using Twitter.

But for its you have to do something different like Instagram.

  1. Create a Twitter account and set up profile professionally.
  2. Follow every account that loves entertainment.
  3. Upload your feet pictures for your followers.
  4. Send messages to every company that is related to feet industries.
  5. Now sell feet pictures to the client.

Also do not forget to increase your account’s followers.

Websites for selling feet pics

If you have any difficulty in selling feet pics on Craigslist, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media, I would suggest you use the following websites. Because the websites mentioned have millions of users, who often buy photos for their business work. Like I am one of them.

Even if your picture looks beautiful and visually appealing, there is a 100% chance of selling feet pictures without too much hassle. So check the list from below now.

  • Instafeet (Sell Pictures)
  • Crestock
  • Shutterstock
  • Gettyimages
  • iStockphoto
  • Alamy
  • Dreamstime
  • 123RF
  • Sell through YouTube channels
  • Big Stock Photo

At very high prices you can sell each shot on website. Most of the people are using the Instafeet for sell and make money. Also, you have no fear of being content (feet pics) stolen. Because each image will have an automatic watermark.

Apps to sell feet pics

Here are many users who are more comfortable running apps than websites. In this case, we will target those users. There are many Android and iOS applications that you can use to sell your photos. Some of them I have mentioned below.

  • Foap
  • Etsy
  • Snapwire
  • ScoopShoot

In the near future I will add more apps name.

Quick tips to sell

I used many strategies for myself for selling feet pictures on the Internet. So I decided to share a few quick tips to sell with you. All of these tips will help you increase your sales.

Tips 1: Take lots of pictures in different styles.

Tips 2: Add your own watermark to all your feet pics.

Tips 3: Share content to all of your social media platforms.

Tips 4: Boost on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else.

Tips 5: Direct mail to business owners.

Tips 6: If you have your own blog, advertise there.

Tips 7: Follow other feet photos sellers and feet related companies.

Tips 8: Use online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

Tips 9: Always support your client.

Tips 10: Write and talk more about why your pics are the best.

The more latest and unique tips will be added here near the future.

How much to charge for feet pictures

For those who are new, this question is more on their minds.

If we deal lightly with this issue, we will see that everyone is selling feet pictures for $5 to $100 easily. Or you may be able to make money more if you want. So I would recommend you charge at least $10 for each photo.

Foot Model

There are many people who selling pictures and make money online. If you want to sell feet pictures online, then you should read all information about selling pictures from your browser including Instafeet.


This is too much easy to sell feet pics online. Lots of people are doing this job and get paid $100 to $10,000 per month for their hard work. If they can, why not you?

If you get into this job right now, I hope you can make a lot of money very soon as a model. Or, you can take it as an extra income source.