Summertime Saga APK Download v0.20.12 For Android

Summertime Saga APK is a dating sim game that is available for Android. It has over 65 characters where you have to meet them and interact as a game player. It also has 30 unique locations, 20+ minigames.


All this has been kept in this game to give the player a different taste.

Most interesting feature is that you will be able to establish romantic relationships with many characters at the same time in the Summertime Saga game. Characters include nurses, doctors, maids, teachers, etc.

You can see everything inside the game in visual form. If you want to spend your time having fun, download Summertime Saga latest version from here to your Android mobile phone.

NameSummertime Saga
Current Versionv 0.20.12
Size835.1 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 or up
TasksAdult game
Released7 Nov 2021
Latest Version

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This game is available now for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Features of Summertime Saga

It is basically a romance game where you’ll get lots of amazing features for the storyline. The game also has the most advanced graphics so that everything feels realistic when playing on your Android, iOS, or PC devices.

Some features of this Summertime Saga game are mentioned below,

  • Easy to play and 100% secure
  • Diane wallpapers are available to use
  • There are many types of characters
  • Get lots of items in Tech Update
  • Locker room and sauna room in Gym
  • Get game updated version every few months
  • All bugs have been fixed in the latest version

There are many more features in this. To know that you need to start playing it now.

How To Play Summertime Saga On Android

I did a pool on Facebook a few days ago. There I said give a vote on whether the game is hard or easy to play. This seems difficult to most people. So, they voted for the hard option. That’s why a guide has been shared below for new users.

Using which a user can easily learn how to play this game on mobile or computer.

1st Step: At first, download Summertime Saga APK from the above, install, and launch it.

2nd Step: In this game, you have to maintain good stats since you want to enjoy the game.

3rd Step: You’ll get 3 events every day. You’ve to just complete them and have to wait for upcoming events.

4th Step: After completing every event, you have to sleep for the next round.

5th Step: Take the next steps by following the task of this game.

And also, do not update the game. If you do, might be lost the progress.

How To Update Summertime Saga

If for some reason your version is bugged or lagged, it is advisable to update this game. The exact guide on how to update the game is shared below. If you want, you can read it now.

1st Step: Enter this MineRev website from your browser.

2nd Step: In the search box, type Summertime Saga mod version and hit the search button.

3rd Step: You’ll get the game. Just download the latest version from here (also you can find the old version).

That’s it. Every time you will find the latest or updated version here.


Hopefully, you have downloaded the Summertime Saga APK on Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac PC. From now on, keep playing the game and enjoy your free time by romancing with the characters of the game.

Currently, most of the young men and women are playing this game to spend their time. Also, if you like it, you can share it with everyone.