Telegram Crossed 500 Million Monthly Active Users

In the first week of January 2021, the Telegram app touched the milestone of 500 million monthly users.

Even in its next week, it touched a new milestone of about 25 million new users in 72 hours. All these users came from around the world. 38% of users come from Asia, 27% from Europe, 21% from Latin America, and the rest 8% came from MENA.

Even more users of this social communication application are still growing.

WhatsApp’s new Terms of Service has led people to turn to Telegram, Signal Private Messenger, and BiP applications. Because WhatsApp’s new Terms will not have user messages and calls safe, a rumor has surfaced.

Since then, users have been increasing their interactions with other social apps.

One of the reasons for the high number of users in Telegram is its privacy and security. According to Telegram, they are committed to the privacy and protection of users. They take this responsibility very seriously and will not disappoint any user.

Telegram has no shareholders. They don’t even use any kind of advertisement in their mobile application. They also have no deals with marketers, third party platforms, data miners, or government/non-government agencies.

Understood how much care is taken for telegram privacy.

Although WhatsApp authority is adding new features to their app every day. But whether the user will be able to hold on to this new February terms is now the key issue. The subject of their user statistics will be better understood later.

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