Telegram APK Download v8.2.7 For Android

Telegram APK is the most growing communication application. It helps users to connect with friends, family, business partners, and many more people. With this app, you can chat with anyone for free.


The most interesting fact is that this Telegram latest version doesn’t provide any type of ads. More than 400 million users around the world are constantly using this application on their devices.

It provides the best service for users. Anyway, download Telegram app for your Android from here. And after that, you can install it on Android to use it for chatting and making video calls.

This is the most secure and faster platform than any other communication apps. There is no chance to leak your personal or sensitive information to any third party or any single person.

Current Versionv 8.2.7
Size59.2 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 or above
TasksPure instant messaging
DeveloperTelegram FZ-LLC
Released22 Nov 2021

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And connect personally with your known people or strangers from day 1.

This app is similar to the GB Telegram and Telegram Plus apps.

Telegram Features

Faster and free: Using this mobile application you can send messages to another person in the fastest time than any other communication apps. You will not even be charged for this service. It is a completely free and ads-free platform.

Group: Grouping is a way where everyone can share images, videos, files, or discuss various topics. If you want, you can create a Telegram group yourself, or join other people’s groups. A maximum of 200,000 people can be added to a group.

Channel: Channels work much like groups. But only the admin can post here, and users can just subscribe to the channel to get updates. However, there is no member, or subscribers limit. If you want to share something with large audiences, the channel is the best way.

Custom themes: There are many types of themes including light themes to dark themes. You can also create themes with new colors and backgrounds of your choice using the Theme Editor. And later you can use it for yourself and share it with others.

No file transfer limit: Most communication platforms have file transfer limitations. You can’t share large files with anyone else even if you want to. But if you use the latest Telegram app, you will be able to transfer unlimited media and files with other users.

Payment: Users can now pay directly for goods and services securely with this mobile application. Even, this app will not take any commission and collect any payment information from you. So, boost your business sales now.

100% secure: This Android application uses the encrypt feature to protect your chats, calls, groups, and channels from attacks of hackers. And since, Telegram is an organization so it will not sell any kind of your personal data to third-party companies.

Telegram Review

There are many types of platforms on the market today to connect with people around the world. Despite having so many platforms, I used to use WhatsApp before.

But a few days ago, I found out that WhatsApp sells users’ data to 3rd party companies. They even track my chats or calls. So, at the time I decided to find a new Android application. And as a result, I got the Telegram app.

It is basically a cloud-based messaging platform, where you can chat with other people, make videos and audio calls, send videos or any type of large files to others, etc. This messenger application is also 100% free to use.

Telegram FZ LLC Company first released this app in October 2013.

It has all the sophisticated features. One of the features is that if you send a text to someone, you can still edit that text. By doing so, you will have a chance to correct your mistakes, which no other application gives this feature.

So why delay, start using the app now.


Telegram APK is the most powerful messenger platform that is end-to-end encrypted. All the features of the app are free. However, a person named Durov recently announced that some paid features will be added to this in the future.

And all these paid features will require a lot of bandwidth. Basically, this is why those features will be kept paid. However, for now, all the work is going to be done easily with this free version.