TikTok Now Allows 3 Minutes Long Video Uploads

TikTok is now allowing users to upload videos 3 minutes longer.

Initially, video creators could upload short clips of up to 15 seconds via the Tiktok app or the web. Later it was extended to 60 seconds for videos uploading.

And TikTok is currently offering users the ability to create and upload 160 seconds videos.

Gradually this video-sharing social networking platform is coming out of short length video service.

TikTok company has been testing this feature on users for quite some time. Users have examined exactly how users take this feature, how they respond, all types of negative or positive feedback.

But hopefully there has been good response from people so far.

Lots of technology experts believe that the TikTok 3 minutes video feature will make this video sharing platform a tiny replica of YouTube.

But nothing can be said about this from now on.

A few days ago, a man named Matt Navarra tweeted about the three-minute video, saying,

Large number of users commented positively and negatively on this tweet.

A man named Deldrian commented that “1-minute videos aren’t enough for everyone, but I would like to see what a 3-minute video be like in all countries.”

Other user named Cris Garcia 6 commented that “I hope it is not exclusive to big followers because that will be considered a Corrupt and discriminatory act. They have no right to exclude this. Most of all 1 minute is enough but sometimes I would need more than that for some Music Theory Tips.”

A user named Matt Rappaport also commented that “Wow, imagine someone wanting to watch a video that long. They do watch lives and works on YouTube so.”

Users need to use the latest version to enjoy this new TikTok 3 minutes feature.

You can update the TikTok application from the Google Play Store or can download the latest version of this video sharing app from any 3rd party website.

Then you will be able to enjoy this feature.

But if you don’t get this feature even after using the updated version, then it is advisable to wait a while.