The Top 5 Similar Games Like PUBG

Mobile gaming is a thriving market that is only expected to grow. When we think of the mobile gaming space, we think of games like PUBG and Clash Royale.


These games are free, easy to play, and fun. However, what if you could find a game like PUBG Mobile but that was more intense and fun?

Are you looking for the best game like PUBG? This article is going to show you the top 5 similar games to PUBG Mobile.


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer battle royale game also known as PUBG. PUBG was released in 2017 and it was so popular that everyone is playing this game. Featuring up to one hundred players, the objective of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game is to locate and scavenge for weapons and supplies on a map that gets smaller and smaller until only one player or team remains.


One of the most evocative games of 2018 was Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It first launched in China but since that initial release, it has been available on both Android devices and iPhones. The reason for its popularity is that it continues to update itself based on data from gamers around the world about what needs improving. People Like to play PUBG games so we have decided to share the list of top 5 games related to PUBG. you can also check out some cool gaming apps like racing, fighting, adventure, puzzle, role-playing, shooting, sports, and survival  games/apps on

#1. GTA Online: Motor Wars

The newest edition to Rockstar Games’ exclusive lineup, Grand Theft Auto Online: Motor Wars lets you take on other online players in vehicular combat while also driving around the city of Los Santos and its surrounding communities. Just like with PUBG, it can be played solo or in teams of two to four people.

The most essential thing you must understand is that the purpose of this game is to compete with your competitors to win the race. It can be concluded that the main goal here is just to take down opponents with your automobile.

Another notable feature would be the presence of weapons mounted on the top of the vehicles which are very much similar to those in the Death Race movie if anyone has seen it, by any chance.

The laws of physics in Grand Theft Auto are applied in a way that can help you or hurt you depending on what you’re doing at the time. The cars move realistically, so when hit by them they will fly and bounce with their bodywork taking damage instead of their springs.

If another character sees your car bounce into the air and then land with a resounding thud, it’s likely they’ll see this as proof you need shooting! The same applies to major explosions from missiles and grenades: not only will they be blown sky-high, but so will any nearby vehicles

#2. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been created for all those people who love playing FPS games. This game will provide you with a memorable experience as it’s just like the previous instalments, which we all have loved and played till completion. The game will have multiple game modes so you can enjoy this FPS game to the core when you play it on your android device.

Call of Duty Mobile has been more reluctant to adopt the new battle royale culture that’s overtaken the video game world. However, they have tried their hand here and have offered a battle royale mode for up to 100 players each match.

You will get to choose your starting position and when you reach the ground, you’ll be able to find weapons and supplies as swiftly as possible to help ensure victory over your opponents in this race to be number one!  It’s a pretty decent effort so if you enjoy jumping into these kinds of modes, then you should totally check it out!

Call of Duty is available for mobile devices in a game that’s been redesigned to play just like its console and PC counterparts. Some of the game’s innovative features include an action-packed campaign mode, legendary characters from the Call of Duty games, weapons, and more.

#3. Fortnite

Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are both similar and different in many ways. Fortnite players have to compete with 100 other people for victory. That said, the game does include a few differences from PUBG aside from the disparity in players: there is no gore (unless you’re using a special comic style mode for that), as well as goofy graphics and weapons; there also exists customization potential.

This is another area where PUBG falls short, especially since players can be extremely particular about the way their characters look or what sort of powers they can call upon when necessary. Besides that, the similarities between the popular games, including those listed above, are considerable – namely, they both inspire teamwork and encourage friendly competition, while delivering the speed and challenge necessary to make all of that possible in a believable way.

#4. Battle Royal Strike Survivor

This mobile game Battle Royal Strike Survivor has a lot in common with PubG and CS GO. As with CS GO, players are able to avail all the weapons in this game, but there are bazookas and other heavy ammunition. It’s always quite fun to see where the game heads next.

The interface is incredibly easy to use, granting the player clear choices for which team they would like to play as (Blue or Red), time of day, and even whether they would like to play a private match or not! Firstly, each team earns one point by killing a member of the opposition. Secondly, it is free to download on Android devices only.

#5. Free Fire

FF Mod Apk: A mobile app called Free Fire came out as a great new option for gamers looking for a real battle experience. The premise behind the game is that you and your teammates have to look for weapons and take down enemy soldiers in a very realistic emulated combat environment This game is so addictive.

A lot of gamers may be wondering if the gaming market is merely filled with nothing but realistic war games or if there are still other genres that they can enjoy. The answer lies in Garena Free Fire, which is a modern take on classic shooting games that looks to unite the old and the new, with nothing more but a quality gaming experience.

It is interesting to note, though because of its success this game has already become a trending topic on many social media sites.


As you can see from the list above, there are a lot of games for gamers to enjoy at any given moment. On the first spot, we have PUBG, GTA Online: Motor Wars has earned the second rank and in the third place is Call of Duty Mobile. Fortnite follows that on rank 4 and last but not least, Battle Royal Strike Survivor rounds off this list. You’ll be glad to know that all these great titles can be enjoyed anywhere your heart desires because they’re available on mobile.

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